Why the need to define?

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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We define who we are by what we do. Hopefully, we do what we love.  What we do,  makes up who we are as individuals. But what happens when we no longer do what we do?  Who -or what- are we then?

I am a college student. About to be -no longer a college student.  What , or who, shall I become?

Screw this need to be defined. School may be done with me, but, I am NOT done with school.  I may not know what direction my life may go.  To Texas with the in laws to be? To North Carolina with my parents? To the military-wife life with my fiance?  I don’t know.  But, I do know someway, somehow , someWHERE I will find  my way to go back to school.

But, I have admit. I embrace the break from school. I’ve come a long, hard road with few breaks- far and few- in between my journey with college. In fact,  I have many mixed emotions about the whole situation. To be honest, I need to emotionally address all my feelings. Something I’ve been avoiding since the day I graduated high school. But, that’s a topic for blog entry in itself.

This is a poem, a work in progress, expressing my stuck in limbo state of mind of the person I was, the person I am, the person I hope to become and my whole complicated academic predicament. I asked a friend how to end this poem, a poem telling  a story , a story that hasn’t ended.  He said to end without resolution. I think that’s my problem not only with this poem but in life. I  feel I need that missing link , that connection, that closure. I need that resolution.  But, for now, embrace the good times and meet me at the cobblestone.

Meet me at the cobblestone.

Turn the clock
remember back
young and naïve
on the
of …
-my friends-

We’ve been here
-done this-
a time before

Walked down the aisle
line by line
~class act~
once already.

Turn the clock
remember back
hair blown
cascading darkness
stark white gown
high heels
-not stilettos-
Turn the clock
remember back
sparkling eyes
gypsy dress
hippy hair
all on

We’ve done this
a time before.
I’m doing it again.
feel the same

Turn the clock
remember back
lets do it again
right a wrong

Meet me

at the cobblestone.

  1. I am very impressed with this. It is so cleaver how you made this. It made me think of a wedding through different era’s of time. Maybe that was not your intention but it was still very wonderful. My favorite verse would probably have to be:

    “Turn the clock
    remember back
    sparkling eyes
    gypsy dress
    hippy hair
    all on

    You have the talent. I hope to read more of your poems in the future. If you like, I can promote your page? Thank you again for your time. I love what you’re doing.


    • Thank you!

      This poem is not finished. I’m so happy you got the different era’s of time feel – because that’s what I really wanted to depict. A timelessness. I liked that you picture a wedding. I like to write open ended , to be taken in different ways as the reader sees fit. Personally, I was reflecting about graduation. High School graduation versus Community College graduation.

      I would very much appreciate the promoting! Honestly, I’m practically writing to myself on this thing. People I know, read my blog and them comment to me directly in person or in email or face book or something. Lol. And honestly, I barely know how to use this blog thingy, I’m so not tech savvy. I’ll link yours to my homepage when I figure out how.


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