New York done made me paranoid

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, I’m in the supermarket with my dad.  I don’t usually go shopping . My dad is the one who does all the shopping. But, that was before all his medical conditions. Now, we both go, driving, and he rents a scooter. You know, to get out the house for a few.  I’m there to assist him, and reach the top shelf and load the heavy stuff and all that kind of things. But, anyway, we’re at the supermarket, checking out.

My dad is trying to maneuver a scooter and I’m bagging groceries. I turn to put a bag into the cart  and when I turn back around I see some dude is power-speed bagging my groceries and handing me my bag. I take my stuff and put it in the cart while smiling and saying thanking you.  We had quite a load though. The whole time, in my head,  I’m thinking who the hell is this guy?  I’m thinking he’s one of the homeless people that hang around outside, comes into the store to bag for people and asks for a tip. I’m thinking I got no money on me, my dad paid and he’s scooting away to return the scooter. I mean i once seen a bagger at the supermarket  throw a guy into the glass window for a tip.  I’m thinking all these negative stuff.  When the guy hands me the last bag I smile and say thank you and he says your welcome. Puzzled, i start pushing my cart away and meet up with my dad down the isle.

My dad  sees my confused face and he goes all daddy explaining the birds and bees to a child mode.  Apparently, the guy is one of many people they hire  with mental conditions like being  mentally challenged. They work  doing returns and nit gritty work no one else wants to do.  My dad said that guy has been working there for years. I was like oh, so he works here?  He wasn’t wearing any store apparel to my credit. Then it hit me. A dude did a nice thing for me and I’m their too oblivious and skeptical to notice.

What the hell.

I’m usually such a happy go lucky person, quick to do a good dead. Earlier, at the bank I even did a cliche – helped a little ol’ lady across the street. I was so upset with myself that I was so negative thinking and jumping to conclusions and only grateful it was all internal and I had  a smile on my face and was polite back.  Living in the grits of inner city life has tainted me. New York  has done made me paranoid.

I don’t like it.

  1. Terri says:

    NYC makes us all paranoid


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