My vagina is missing

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My vagina monologues book is missing.  This would be the third copy that has escaped my clutches. I probably, most likely , lent it out. But if I did, i probably, most likely, no longer talk them. So my book is probably, most likely gone gone gone.  Wish Barnes and Nobles sold it for a 1.99 in  their summer clearance warehouse sale.

BTW, the tittle isn’t a typo.  My friends on face book ALL misread my status  ( my vagina monologue book is missing) and simply read ” my vagina is missing”. I saved you the hassle of misreading 🙂 .

  1. Crystal R. says:

    Have you made an account on yet!?
    May come in handy.

    Also. This is why I don’t like to let anyone “borrow” my books. Make a no-swap shelf. Then create shelves you wouldn’t mind losing or, lending to someone.


    • Lol, I no longer have friends that read- or at least the same type of books as me. Except a few new friends but they are going away to college so i don’t have the problem with lending out books anymore. Though it sucks cause I have to rely on my own book source. Lol. I haven’t made an account on goodreads yet. But, i just spend 27 bucks on 10 books and a notebook from Barnes and nobles ( + 16 bucks for the 10th true blood book, i couldn’t resist). But, 40 bucks, 11 books and a new poetry writing notebook seems like a pretty good deal. Even better considering my mom gave me my money back so it was freeeee. Maybe now I can buy my young adult/vampire series. Time to hit up the fiance’s card lolololol.


  2. wilda85 says:

    lol I saw the title and said out loud WTF lol. But yeah that’s why i dont lend anything out anymore. I’ve had several dvd’s and cd’s never return after lending them out. Its sad how people take advantage of that. I’m glad to see that you are spending your money on stuff you want. And 11 books for $40 plus a notebook? Thats incredible!


    • Wildaaaaaaaaaa! Ah love, so excited you commented me xoxox! Lol. U should totally start posting ur own blog! P.s. the only thing that sucks about the barnes and noble sale, is the series and young adult series we read and follow aren’t on sale. So, still going to end up spending money on them…but if it’s not VA then it can wait lol.


  3. Tasha: I read this and thought.. Uhm ok then…. What the hell?!?!?


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