Defending the Honor

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have to admit, LaGuardia is a pretty damn good school. I know, I know… I talked a lot of trash about that place in my day. But, truth be told, it was my own personal resentment. Can you blame me? My high school was part of that college. And I rocked the hell out of high school. There wasn’t one memory in one hallway of LaGuardia that wasn’t filled with debauchery from my high school friends and me. I left LaGuardia with high regards and went on to a four year university. Then to have to go back to my start? Yeah. I was resentful. But, eventually, I let it go. I was then able to open my heart to new friendships and bonds and passions. I was able to open my mind to new teachings and professors. I’ve met some fine people in that college. And this is my little rant defending LaGuardia.

I’ve met some noble, hard working, honest to God inspirational people on campus. I’ve met people working two jobs, a family to raise and going to school full time. Yet still ,having the time to exchange a kind word or sweet gesture. I’ve seen the most studious hard working people at the crack of dawn and honestly? Practically being kicked out by security closing the school. My friends teased me for being at school, working as much as I did. They would be scurrying to work or class and glimpse me with my nose in a book, furiously writing notes sipping ice coffee and simple laugh and tell me to “ go home!  You’re always here!” And I was proud to be there. Surrounded by all races and creeds- all striving for a purpose. I’ve met a young man, homeless- currently couch surfing when he can or finding refugee in shelters going EVERYWHERE by bicycle despite the weather all while working two jobs. But still, going to school. He’s been there since 2004, but hot damn, he’s doing his best  in his predicament to attend a semester here and there. I’m proud to have met and friend-ed such dedicated and hard working people. Most people knock LaGuardia as the “immigrant” school or “got no where else to go” school. Let me tell you something, I’ve seen RICH people choose to go to LaGuardia because of its outstanding record and steep requirements for programs and notable recommendations. I’ve seen aspiring doctors choose to come to LaGuardia because of their excellent teaching. And most of those “immigrants”, the plenty I’ve met on campus and in classes, have to have a 3.9 gpa to retain their student visa and work full time to support themselves. Most of the people I’ve met don’t have financial aid and because of not being a resident have to pay almost double what we pay as NYC residents. Don’t be quick to judge. LaGuardia is a pretty damn good college. I’ll always defend its honor.

  1. Terri says:

    Oh so true, I like it and the Asian girls OMG i love it lol…. This one is good also LOVE IT…………


  2. Working for students,/
    whatever their status, is/
    My proudest honor/


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