Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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When oh when will the writing come? I thought it was waiting for my leaving but maybe it’s lingering waiting for my homecoming?  Maybe it’s off flying in this hurricane wind. Or maybe frolicking in the woods behind the house with the baby deers we saw peeking on the side of the road. Or visiting the farm lands up the road( okay, a little drive away). I don’t know where my writing went and I never know where it’s going to go. But i know, yes i know , it’ll come. It’ll come back home.  And there is nothing I can do but wonder…wonder when?

  1. wQueens7 says:

    Muse is a hostage/
    Bound and gagged in the basement/
    Dreaming of writing/


  2. Crystal R. says:

    When do you return home?
    Being in a place that does not inspire me is a place I need to run from. If you are not writing, I hope that at least you are doing many other things.


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