I stopped writing

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Obviously, you all know I stopped writing, thus, there hasn’t been any new entries from me. As more time passes, the harder it gets to want to write. To recant events that unfolded.Then pile on all the happenings since and still occurring. It’s just tremendous. I can’t muster the energy, both emotional and physical, to sit here and write at the end of the day when I barely have time to sleep.  But, i really would like to try. Do i still have any readers out there? Doesn’t matter i suppose, I never really had a following.., only one faithful professor and a handful of fellow aspiring creative minds ( in which we correspond elsewhere, but we have been out of touch since I graduated school). I never wrote for an audience, but I would be lying if i said i didn’t hope my words reach someone…Point is. I want to give this another go. Not for followers, or readers. For myself. For my mental health. The past year and half has been endless. But, i feel deep inside my heart it needs to be documented. I even got a gift of pretty little notebook. I want to make that pretty little book a master draft of all these little blog entries eventually becoming a memoir of some sort. That is what I want. That is what I must find a way to do.

SO here’s too hopefully writing again, hopefully soon and hopefully consistently.

  1. wQueens7 says:

    Life’s best when it’s worst/
    Reading about happiness/
    Is dreary indeed/


  2. tfaswift says:

    I’m already following you; you do have an audience. And I have been telling myself recently that it’s better to have a tiny audience of people who appreciate what you’re writing and they have the right brain to understand you, than a thousand people who are probably following a thousand other people, and how much of your words do they actually read? I like what you write.


    • Thank you for your comment and reading and following my blog! I agree with you. I rather follow a small amount of people, and read and comment and mean what i say then like a hundred blogs. I prefer things on a more personal and meaningful level.


      • tfaswift says:

        Yes, you know I’ve only had a blog for a week and at first I felt kind of sad that I only had a handful of followers (compared to some people who have literally thousands!) but then I took a look at what was really being written, and … I don’t know … I guess I prefer something more heartfelt or soul-searching or thought-provoking. Some stuff out there seems a bit gimmicky. It gets a lot of followers, but it’s not my scene. But I wish them well – each to their own! 🙂


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