Potter’s Field

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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EDIT: a little while after i posted this, funeral arrangements were made. Wake tomorrow.

One day adult protective services came and literally dragged my next door neighbor Fifi out of her home.  Her meals on wheels delivery person reported her because she said she couldn’t come to to the door , she hurt her leg. They took her to the hospital and braced up her leg. Then the doctors started doing pysch evaluations. Long story short, she never returned home. It’s three years later, and she spent that three years in a nursing home, after being deemed incompetent. Her small fortune left in a bank, her house seized by the government. A court appointed guardian. A few months ago a realtor showed up and claimed she is in charge of the estate now.

My mother got the phone call Friday afternoon, that Fifi had a heart attack. She passed away. They contacted the guardian, who receives a check each month and is required to do monthly visits but only visited the lady twice the whole time. My mother gets a call Sunday afternoon from the nursing home. They were desperate. The Guardian wasn’t returning phone calls. They didn’t know what arrangements to make. They don’t have a morgue. They kept Fifi in an air conditioned room and couldn’t keep her dead body any longer. They  had no choice,but to send her over to city morgue.

My father went around to funeral homes, seeing if Fifi had prior arrangements. Her husband passed away years ago and he thought maybe she had a plot reserved for herself with her husband. But, the funeral home did not and they could  not provide a funeral or even host the body in their morgue without authorization, something only the guardian could do.

So, my next door neighbor wont even have a burial she deserves. She had the right to die in dignity. My mother kept calling the guardian to complain for neglect prior to all this. Last time my mother when to visit Fifi her hair had grown out past her waist. This is a lady who always kept a short hair style. She was born of privilege and lived in privilege her whole life. Never changed her hair style or went without grooming. Even when she was loosing her mind, she would walk across the street with her hair combed and lipstick on and purse in arm, even if all she wore was a bathrobe because she forgot to get dress.

And now, she will end up in a wooden box next to John Doe in Potter’s field.

My family are filing a formal complaint for Fifi.

Funny thing,Fifi used to tend to the street cats. Even as recent of last month the cats still wander and linger by her house. I haven’t seen a stray cat even on the block in weeks. It’s like they knew.

Rest In Peace Fifi. We’ll always remember you as the crazy but nice cat lady across the street paying the kids in front the bodega to bring you your beers.

  1. Wow. This really touched me. Also inspired. I might log into my personal blog now…

    RIP Fifi…without you a lot of kitties would have never became cats. :/


  2. Thank you.
    This makes me sad.
    Her life matters, if only to us.
    The “guardian,” it seems is just taking her money.
    I want to scream.
    She’s in MY prayers.
    (of course I’m an agnostic)
    Let me know how I can help.


    • Thank you for reading, commenting and offers for help… its much appreciated! It’s still just so profound to me…death that is. How one minute someone is so substantial and real and then to wrap your head around the fact that they arent anymore, they aren;t real in the flesh anymore. Also, my childhood is fading away. This is the 2nd neighbor to pass away and she was the one that gave us hell growing up. Always telling on us ‘kids”. lol.


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