A Storm is Brewing

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Calm before the storm

A glimpse of darkness, preview of what’s to come

Sandy loosened summer’s strong hold, washed away the last bit of resistant leaving us bare.

Rain starting up, light and loose yet cascading and flowing like a stream, bellowing from rooftop to rooftop. ( Don’t think this picture shows that)

A storm is a’ coming. Hurricane Sandy. The storm of 2012.  Frankenstorm . Whatever you know it as, I can’t help but notice nature and the anticipation building outside. The birds flying away, the squirrels last minute forging and the street cats taken the opportunity to strike down panic stricken critters for a feast before the storm. The wind , building and building while the trees are stretching their timbers  , spreading their roots warming up to stand firm and tall.  In my head, it’s an epic battle of air vs earth elements. The trees standing strong, each stroke  from a branch is a massive swing of retaliation. Each fallen branch, a fallen solider. So tonight, while we are tucked away indoors ( and some of us sneak outdoors to take pictures), just know a battle theme will be going off continuous in my head while this great elemental battle wages a mighty and righteous war. We are just all just collateral damage  for a crusade far beyond our scope of understanding.

EDIT: It is now 7:23 pm. Sandy is supposed to touch down and make landfall at 8pm. And shit is getting real outside. We kept hearing the howling of the wind and it made for a nice bunker down and watch a movie atmosphere. But then, shit starting flying past my window. Literally. SO we go downstairs to scope the situation out through the windows and my  we see my dad just coming back inside , army crawl style, from the deck. He went outside to bring some nick nacks that are heavy and dangerous and he said a gust a wind swept by and he felt like he was being lifted so he dropped and crawled inside. Then we all were tinkering around and we hear a big BANG. The massive bbq we have flipped over. SO the boys ran out to disconnect the gas.  We were roaming about again when all of sudden BOOM. We look out the window. A tree is down. Inches from my brothers car. WE run downstairs and a piece of a tree is on our back deck. And the tree in the  driveway just barely missed my brothers car. He ran out and moved his car and ran back inside. There is another tree right there that doesn’t look like its going to make another hour. But there are SEVERAL more trees surrounding our house. Oh boy. Oh and just got an automated call from Con-ED. They want us to turn off our power.  Shit is getting real folks.

  1. P.s. don’t mind the date on the pictures. My camera is wacked and i changed it to the right time and date a million times. It never fixes it. It’s a day behind, the camera. Shrug. Oh i’m an idiot I could just take the time stamp off…lol


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