Sandy tossed things about

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last Night was the eye of the storm. So this morning I woke up and waiting for the sun to rise. The second it was in the sky I was out the door with Camera in hand. Why don’t we take a break from my words for a little bit and really the pictures tell it all.


Bbq was flipped over, and intermingled with smaller tree branches and a trash can ( that was previous fixed onto the deck, not loose

Little twigs scattered about


Damage to the fence


A path of fallen twigs and leaves


Close up of the fence


Love this picture of the leaves poking through

The fallen

Over view of the fallen partial of a tree from the deck


Close up of the snapped edge of the bark

Long View

Long View of the branch, trying to show you how BIG it is, picture doesnt really depict that. I should throw Bianca next to it for a better scale lol.

Wide set

Wide set view to show everything.


A random little tree branch hanging onto the fence


Front of my house


Side of my house/alley way. Felt bad to see the little fence torn apart, everyone worked hard on it.

Broken Tree


Broken Tree


Half of what it used to be


Bianca exploring the deck with all its new additions


Bianca trying to figure out where all the twigs came from

I started to walk up the block to peek around and see what other damage IĀ  would find.

Umbrella eh

Umbrella … eh


Shingles were everywhere!

A small tree

A small tree has fallen a few blocks down from mine, wasn’t going to walk down there in my pjs though :p


And the mighty has crumbled

The Neighbors

The Neighbors side of things

The Neighbors

Relevantly little debris on their considering of everything that’s on OUR side.

  1. Kim says:

    Glad your safe and hope the cleaning up isn’t too difficult xx


    • Thank you Kim! I felt little bit guilt after posting this post and pictures cause alot of people have it SO much worse. As soon as some roads cleared up we went to pick up some family and their house was completely flooded, cars gone and we keep hearing of neighbors and friends who lost their houses. Thankfully, everyone is alive and well but the news is filled of stories of people losing loved ones. I just hope everyone recovers quickly and stays safe. What makes me sick, I heard in my Aunt’s neighborhood that got hit bad everyone is without power, people started looting and violence erupted, a cop was shot. Just savagery. But, we saw army and natural reserve en route , I hope they are going there to help sort things out.


      • Kim says:

        Don’t feel guilty, its interesting to hear about how it effected people in all levels and anyway you not being effected as bad as other has freed you up to go help others clean up, a greater blessing xx hugs xx


  2. tfaswift says:

    Wow, that must have been scary! Glad you’re all ok!


  3. fatschmat says:

    Glad you and your family are fine!


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