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Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As you all already know from my last post, I live in New York where Hurricane Sandy hit. Thankfully, my house did not suffer any damage( or any person). However, my family lives in The Rockaways which is now a declared disaster zone.  Thankfully, everyone is alive ( animals too).

But, they are now displaced so we have been hosting them at my house. Which means I have been busy tending to them. I’m glad to do it. Happy to help in any way I can. But, it’s been keeping me on my feet being busy.

Which is why I have been absent from the blogging world.

I can’t help but go to sleep feeling depressed every single night. My uncle ,my cousin and his wife have been staying at their house in rockaway and my aunt ( who is a severe asthmatic cannot stay there) has been staying at my house with my other cousin . My 7 year old cousin was sent upstate a few days ago to stay with family . But, it’s been severe weather especially with The No’eastern snow storm Athena just hitting us too. It’s not suitable for living. It’s so cold. No power. No transportation since everyone’s car got ruined. Gas has been near impossible to get.

I was warped with worry for the family staying behind because of the terrible conditions and also the dangers. Looting and breaking and entering. But, that was why they stayed behind. My cousin’s wife’s parents rented a car for them and drove it down and so they have been able to drive back and forth sparingly to at least stop by and warm up and eat a hot plate of food , take a shower. I was able to do laundry for them and we all were able to get supplies to them. But still, i worry about them. They also wanted to be there to protect the house from robbery. And they have to wait for fema and insurance adjusters to do their evaluations of the house and what not so someone has to be there to talk to them.

But today , everyone piled into my house, their 3 dogs included for a reprieve from the cold and living conditions. And i think i can sleep a little tonight knowing everyone is safe  and warm.
Because that’s whats most important. Everyone being alive and well. While a million things are going on and have to be done, just knowing for the moment everyone is okay makes it better.

Worst timing ever, I got sick again. Really ticked off about it since i actually went to get a flu shot a few weeks ago and was out with the flu for a whole week. Now, I think I have bronchitis. And i’m doing what your not supposed to do, using someone’s else medication. Plus side of having a house filled with people , its like a drug store in here. I’ve taken these antibiotics before so its not like its totally blind. To tell you the truth if i wasnt taking these pills I think  i would of been put in the hospital. Its a particularly nasty case of sickness I got. And like I said at the worst time ever. I can’t do much in means of going to the disaster areas, or my family’s house since I am so sick. But, i’ve been doing what i can. Phone calls, paperwork, laundry , shopping and cooking and cleaning. I’m hanging in there and trying to make myself better. I start work Monday. I wonder how i will find the hours in the day to do it all. But, for now,I will close my eyes tonight and sleep wrapped in warmth .

While my heart yearns for everyone, tonight my family is safe and warm under one roof.

  1. Wow!
    Please let me know how I can help


  2. Ashley says:

    So glad your family is safe 🙂 That’s awesome that you live in NYC. I’m planning on moving there to pursue a career.


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