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Posted: November 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I miss the days when waking up with your liver hurting was simply a badge earned from a weekend long escapade of drinking debauchery, you liver waving a white flag of surrender, coping out of the party. Ah the good ol’ days. Now, I awoke this morning with my liver jibbing me and I haven’t consumed alcohol is months. Instead, i reckon its’ an  acetaminophen over exposure having consumed the daily limit for many days( just over a week). For those of you that don’t now acetaminophen is an ingredient in many aspirins, pain relievers and cold/flu medicines.  I have been using cold/flu medicine.

It’s amazing how one’s perspective changes over time, with their life ventures.

I’ve been doing my best to be as less sick as possible because tomorrow is the big day. I start training at my new seasonal job.  Oh, i’m nervous. Retail horror stories can be inserted here.  But, i’m only schedule for Monday and Tuesday for training. I requested Wednesday off since the hubby has all his cancer appointments and procedures schedule. I was told training is typically three days so they may keep me late the two days to get the time in or just start me working with two days of training or schedule me for another training afterwards. They said they will figure it out after they see how i do. So. Hoping that goes well.  I didn’t ask about being paid, i didn’t want to push my luck since I’m being started a little higher than normal. But, I don’t know if they hold your first check like almost all places do. I don’t think they will since I’m not a regular permanent hire, I”m just a seasonal temp position hire.  And, training isn’t paid. So I’ll be a while before i see check or anything. But, I’m excited about earning my very own income.

Some people asked me what am I going to spend my money on.

Well, again i say i remember the days where i would go on a bender, party it up and blow my whole check in celebrations all over Manhattan. But now? I’m going to the doctor! And i couldn’t be more excited about it. While my mother has me on her insurance, I can’t afford to use it most of the time. It’s a 30 dollar co payment for my regular doctor and a 50 dollar co payment for a specialist.  Any medications I would get i have to pay out of pocket a portion of the cost. Like the antibiotics i usually get is 20 bucks, the inhaler i get when I have bronchitis is 76 bucks! Not to mention traveling costs. So while I have the insurance I can very rarely afford to use it.

But, as soon as I get and cash my check I’m making doctor appointments. Hopefully, I’m not still sick, but if i am ( which is a very real possibility I”m the type that gets sick and stays sick for weeks) that will be first on the table to address. Then, I want blood work done. Lots of it. A whole blood culture. Check me for anything and everything. It’s been almost two years since i last had blood work done. Then, I want referrals to specialists. I want to go a OBGYN doctor…embarrassing to admit.. I’ve never been. I want to get checked out make sure I don’t have cervical cancer or anything like that. Then I want to go get my boobs checks, I want a mammogram. Cancer seems to run in my family and I want to stay ontop of that. Omar already has cancer, we both can’t have it.

Am I’m overzealous and paranoid? Maybe . I just know  I have a immune system that is barely existent. I’m not the type to shy away from doctors. You can admit me to a hospital and I’ll be happy as a pea in a pod. Prescribe me any medicine and I’ll take it faithfully without complaint. I’ve spent a lot of time being sick with various degrees of cold and flu’s and bronchitis and pneumonia . So, if i can prevent all of that… why not? If i can get screened for more serious illness that i already know run in my family? It would be stupid not too.

So hopefully with my little retail job, I can get worked over.

At the same time, get Bianca schedule for her surgery asap.

Ontop of that my mother is charging me a ridiculous amount of rent. But, I’m not paying what she is asking for. I’ll pay what my brother pays and not a dime more. He makes more than I will be making and does NOTHING around the house. Even though tomorrow I will set off in the working world, I bet you my first paycheck  I still will be doing everything around the house that I am already doing now.

SO yeah, times have changed. I’ve had big plans for my final week of being homebound. Planned to sleep and be lazy and be a bum. But instead I was sick and hosting family. But yesterday? My dog woke me up 4am. Around 7am i venture back into my room and climb into bed and she jumps on my chest. And lays down. Now, Bianca never cuddles with me. Last time she did voluntarily was because I was sick… like really sick. And when she cuddled me that time I was sick I couldnt enjoy it because you know how they say dogs have a sixth sense? Well i believe that, so i thought bianca knew something about me being sick that i didnt thus coming over to cuddle with me. Yeah, i thought I was dying and i couldn’t enjoy the cuddles. But yesterday, she walked across me and laid down on my chest and licked my face. Then she threw her head down and fell asleep. It was the cutest thing ever. I was petting her and before i knew it I fell back asleep. We slept like that for hours. Around 10am she rolled off me and licked my face and curled up by my leg half buried by my blanket. We slept til almost noon. I woke up feeling less sick.

Sometimes we just have to take a cue from our dogs. Find a nice spot, cuddle up and sleep.

So today, my very last day, while feeling better than I have all week I still feel very sick. I haven’t taken much medicine yet cause of my liver pains. So i took Bianca’s advice. I laid on the hubby’s shoulder, threw my big fuzzy blanket over me and i took a nap. I slept for 3 hours and I woke up just a little bit better.  While I’m quick to pop a pill, sometimes our own bodies just need time and rest to work itself over.

I’m giving myself time tonight . Then tomorrow, armed with pocket tissue and cough drops, I’ll venture out into the world for my first day of being an adult in the PAID workforce.

  1. Kim says:

    AAAwww nothing better than a cuddle from your 4 legged friend, with 3 of them i’m never lacking a cuddle.
    Do hope you start to feel a little better soon and that your training days go so well they don’t keep you too late.


    • Thank you so much Kim for reading and taking the time to comment. I have started training and it isn’t so bad right now( it’s even paid!). But, its mostly the office training reading manuals, watching videos and listening to presentations. So, we haven’t gotten to the hands on training yet. I”m so nervous for that!


  2. nishi01 says:

    Hope you are much better now, and in a happier space!


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