WordPress Family Update

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

In my last post I discussed how WP is my cyber family. I follow blogs that I actually feel interested in and after awhile I become connected to your words and it means alot to me. I love my blog! I love the little community i have here on wordpress.

Within my small slice of wordpress, some of us follow each other, share some followers or at least know of each other blogs and pop back and forth through the same blog roll of people, even if we dont necessary subscribe  and follow along within the reader feature.

So, in my last entry I wrote about how grieved I was at the loss of a fellow blogger who succumbed to cancer. Although i didnt know her personally in real life, i followed her blog for the past two months and my emotions were connected to her.

THen, i wrote a letter as per a challenge here on wordpress. The challenge was to write a letter to someone in your life who is gone. So i wrote to another blogger. I left it at that. I didnt use her name. I wanted it to be if she read it, she knew it was about her. But i didnt want to directly point a finger. But like i said WP is my cyber family and my followers started to connect the dots.

For that I am sorry. I didn’t write a negative, accusatory letter. Didn’t vent about all this to feed a community gossip or anything negative like that. I don’t want my words to be misconstrued. I genuinely did the blog challenge with my honest and true emotions and feelings hoping it would clear the air and bring peace or closure.  Just quickly writing this post to put out any of those flames. There is no drama, no gossip. I”m not throwing indirect comments. No. None of that here.

I like my litle slice of WP to be welcoming and supporting… like a family. With this letter I was simply expressing myself and sharing it with you. I hoped for it be anonymous.  I don’t mind particularly that you , the followers that know of me and the blogger I wrote about, know.  But, for others peeking in or just starting to follow. I don’t want to send a wrong message. That is not how I , or my fellow bloggers, roll. We all just wish for complete verbal freedom and expression with no judgement or negativity. Thus, i wrote a letter.  I apologize to the person I wrote the letter to, and to anyone who feels awkward about it. Not my intention! I just wanted to do the challenge and write my words. Not upset the peace of my blog or hers.  Everyone that follows me or knows me , they know  i hold peace in the highest regards.

So, lets be done with this. Here on my blog you can say what you want freely, as I do to you all. If my intention or message is unclear, you only but have to ask and I will clarify for you. I try my best to write honestly and true but never judgmental or negatively. Yes, i vent and rant but its from a place of emotional expression and nothing more. I don’t believe in causing drama or especially starting drama.

That’s not how i treat family.

  1. tfaswift says:

    If anybody out there is making a drama about your letter, then I don’t know what planet they’re from, because here on earth, sometimes two people have a disagreement. People sometimes clash, and sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding, or talking at cross purposes, or someone is tired, or they’ve had a rough week.

    This is your blog; you can write what you like. I’m sure your readers (if they are realistic and mature) will know that human beings sometimes have a falling out, and it’s not the end of the world. That isn’t due for another six days, I think! 😉

    And the same people who might have had a falling out sometimes just go ahead and make friends again. Is it worth gossiping about? Sure, if you have a really empty life with nothing better to do, knock yourselves out.

    As for the two people who were involved, it’s just nice if they can get past it and make friends. And if they can’t, again, sometimes that happens in life. As you say, peace is really the most important thing, and we’re all just doing the best we can. I’m sure your readers will understand that. 🙂


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