This is Me ( Swift Expression Challenge)

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This is me Challenge from Swift Expressions Blog Challenge Series. This challenge is to imagine you are writing a book about your life. Then write the first paragraph of your life. This is my story:

I stood staring at myself in the mirror. Freshly showered and shaved,though I was showing very little skin. I’m a firm believer in you don’t have to be half naked to be sexy. I was wearing my newest and snugly fit black regular ol’ Levi jeans with my impeccably white turtle neck sweater. Sounds mundane but trust me it wasn’t. It wasn’t your run of the mill turtle neck. Oh no. It was fitted but classy tight. Did I mention there was 3 silver buckles along on side of the neck? Not big and bulky, but small and elegant, the tasteful amount of goth, with similar buckles on the wrist sleeves. I threw on my lee ballet flats, black with silver studs. Had the Lee purse to match. Hidden underneath my freshly washed then gelled and hair sprayed curled up poofy hair were dangling earnings that matched.
To complaint the whole look, my blackest eyeliner just under the eye.

I was killing it.

I’m not superficial or vain.

I was going out.  No occasion. It was my party days, house parties several times a week. College life I called it.
I entered the same small apartment I’ve been many times before, the source of all the house parties. This time I noticed there were people I’ve never met before.
And there was a beer pong table taking up almost the whole living room space.
I sat down next to the beer pong table and put in my request to play next when an adorable young looking guy walked up to me and said “Is that seat taken?”
Looking at him and thinking he was adorable with his long wavy rocker hair, dress shirt …and the baggy ufo pants I smiled and said “No”

Little did I know, almost 7 years later, this was the guy I will sit next to for the rest of my life.

*Imaged plucked from google images, typed in “old couple”.

AUTHOR’S EDIT:  Apparently, i dont read/follow instructions well! Lol. I was just peeking over the challenge rules again( I’m avoiding sleep cause I have to wake up early and go to work but i’ve run out of things to do on the computer lol) and noticed this challenge has an age restriction in when to start your story.  Between birth- age 7. Oppies! Next time i promise to pay better attention.  But i’m quite found of this so i hope you enjoyed reading it!


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