Earliest Memory ( Daily Post Writing Prompt)

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As you all know from my last few posts, I did some writing challenges over on a  friend’s blog. If your interested please pop over there and check it out. While doing that Challenge i noticed another blog  , The Daily Post, many were following and doing challenges/writing prompts. So  i popped over to check it out.

Going through that blog it reminded me of  the creative writing group I was part of in college and even the one I was in during high school. Lately, I have been missing school…especially talking to co-workers who are currently students and reading blogs of current students. So when i saw this blog, I instantly knew I was in.

I have been struggling since working my seasonal retail job with time and managing my time. My blogging has taken a negative affect from that. So, I will doing a few of the challenges/prompts to rectify that situation.

This daily prompt is to revisit your childhood and recollect you earliest memory, describe it in detail and explore why this was an experience to stick with you.
This is my memory:

I don’t even remember her name. Yet, when i strain my mind her image  instantly pops into my mind. Blurry and grainy, never focused and sharp. I try so hard to crisp up the memory, sharpen the image, to see her face. I urge my mind to dig deeper and show her to me.

My first friend.


My earliest memory is of her. We were 4 years old and I was living in  a shanty Brooklyn apartment with my family. She lived upstairs and we attended the same kindergarten. I have two memories of her…just two.. though I’m sure we shared many more. When i think of her, my heart instantly supplies comforting and calming feelings. With the exception of soul mates, there is no deeper bond than that made of innocence.

One of the two memories, I remember being allowed out of the apartment to hang out on the stoop. My mother could see us from the apartment window and my older brother was playing on the sidewalk in front the apartment. We were allowed to play from two house down to the left and to the fire hydrant  which was a building and half down to the right. The radius in which our mother could see from the window.

But, this day was special. My mother has given me oreo cookies. I ran out of the apartment and to my friend and we huddled in the shadows of the doorway to the apartment building to share the rare delicious treat. I would eat the cream, she would eat the cookie. When i ponder on this memory, i get the feeling this wasnt the only time we shared cookies. In this memory I remember having 3 oreo cookies and after we laughed and giggled like little kids do she told me she was going away with her parents, back to their home country. Being a child  i didn’t understand the significance of that. I don’t think she did either. Or maybe all the sugar numbed that part. Cause after the cookies and statement , we ran outside and tried to sneak an extra house down where a kid lived who had pet turtles. We wanted to feed the turtles.

In the second memory, I remember holding her hand on the last day of school in class. It was my birthday. It was my last day of going to that school ever. My parents have bought a house( the house we still live in now) and we would move into that house at the end of summer, right before school started. I remember holding my friends hand and we ( as a class) played some silly childhood game I don’t remember what it is. I just remember the room swirling and turning. So i guess it was merry go round or something of that sort. We probably just ran in a circle for hours.

I don’t know her name. I can’t clearly recall her face. Yet, she holds a special place in my heart having given me the gift to experience friendship, honest true and pure friendship, at a very early age. I like to think that is why this is my earliest memory I can remember. I remmber later memories too, like the kid down the block with the turtles teaching me how to chew gum ..with my mouth closed. Or that summer my mother having surgery on her foot and I could no longer go see the turtles cause we couldn’t sneak the extra house down …she was always seated by the window because she was now in a leg cast. But, i think my memories of her are a gift of some sort, to always cherish the time you share with someone. It may not always be “forever'” but it doesn’t make it any less special.

Thank you my friend…wherever you are in the world.

*All images plucked from google images after searching for terms like ” child sharing” and “best friends”.

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