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Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As my readers may know, I just started participating on Swift Expression Blog Challenges. What i didn’t mention was the winner will be decided by means of a poll. And in the spirit of giving back the winner can decide which charity to donate too. The problem is, no one is donating to the charity.

To be fair, I have not donated yet. But, i do plan too when I receive my check ( we don’t get paid weekly) and when my bank account is sorted out ( I had to open a new account and do not have a bank/debit card yet).

But, i ask of you if you would like support this cause please do. The minimum donation  is one single dollar. Here in the blogging world, we often try so hard to share our words and make a difference. We also see of these fundraisers by other bloggers that raise an insane amount of money, and many props to them for doing it. But, when i see it I say to myself this is out of the realm of everyday people. We’re not asking to raise thousands of dollars. Just asking if your moved to share whatever it is you can afford.

Instead of buying a water bottle while at work or school, bring a beverage from home and donate the dollar instead.

This is our chance where we can do something interactive and REAL and that is bigger than just ourselves.

I WILL donate.

Do you care to share?

You can check out Swift’s Expression blog from the link above and also the charity page.

Here is a copy and pasted link to the charity page as well.

* images plucked from google images.

UPDATE: Sometimes the universe has  a way of saying you are doing the right thing. This afternoon my debit card arrived in the mail( days before it was supposed to). I called and activated it and made my donation as promised.

  1. tfaswift says:

    You are an angel, beautiful Tasha. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope your followers vote for you in the Blog Challenge Poll!


    • Thank you my dear 🙂
      I haven’t made a post yet asking my followers to vote for me yet, and I’m debating about doing it. My followers are “quiet” only a handful of people actually “like” my posts and even less take the time to comment. I’m excited to just be a part of the challenge and I’m not too fussy about being “the winner”… we all are for having written such amazing things!


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