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Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Christmas has been on mind alot lately. Months ago, I was deeply sad thinking this year I would have to cancel Christmas. We simply could not afford it. I never go all extreme but i always, always, get everyone a little something with a sentimental touch.

As most of you know, i live at home with my parents. So I’m restricted to one single room with my hubby. I do not have free rein to decorate, so i always create a little space on a shelf with a Christmas Alter if you will. This year i dug out my “alter” and simply could not make the space for it.

Yet, Christmas is my favorite of all holidays. It’s not so much the gifts. Though i LOVE to give them. I love to go to the store and think about the person and find something that i just KNOW they would love. Then to come home and wrap it up tight with frilly embellishments and stickers and bows. I love it all. But, it’s SO much more than the gifts. It’s the spirit. It’s the ONE time a year where there is so much joy. So much holiday cheer. It’s the one time of year i don’t feel odd. Everyone is finally happy go lucky like myself. I love the happiness of the holiday spirit.

So this year, saddened I could not be able to afford the gifts, i still was able to maintain a sense of being okay about it… cause I have spirit.Β  And i would keep that spirit alive if it was the last thing i did.

Then , i got a job. I said I still wasnt going to spend money on gifts. But, i folded and did.Β  I spent roughly ten dollars on each person of my immediate family. I got quality gifts with a sentimental touch.

I felt bad about spending the money to the point where I was considering returning everything until the hubby stopped me and sternly told me to stop being silly… I wasn’t wasting money and it made me happy. Sure, I was supposed to save that money, but in the end he told me to just enjoy the spirit.

Then today, I read how hurt a friend was for the lack of participation in a really awesome blog challenge to raise money for a charity. She shared how this year she won’t be having a Christmas because she cannot afford it. That hurt my heart.

SO, as part of her blogging challenge series, this is my visual tribute to her.
And to anyone out there who feel they cannot afford a Christmas. It’s not about gifts and money. It’s about spirit. I’m sending you all bits of my spirit to include you in my very own …. Christmas Town.

My little Christmas Town

My little Christmas Town


Surrounded by friends


Each one of you contains something very special yet very different inside.


What kind of town of town would we be if there wasnt a little something sweet?

What kind of town of town would we be if there wasnt a little something sweet?

Okay, alot of something sweet ;)

Okay, alot of something sweet πŸ˜‰

And don't forget our animal friends!

And don’t forget our animal friends!

I can think of no better Christmas than my little town

I can think of no better Christmas than my little town


As long as the spirit is alive, this Christmas town is open to the hearts of you all!

  1. tfaswift says:

    Well that cheered me up! So adorable, πŸ™‚ I will set up a post for you with your own gallery. πŸ™‚ Hope the pictures will open! Last time I made a gallery, the pictures didn’t open, but hopefully that’s just a glitch that has fixed itself. Such a beautiful Visual Tribute, and thank you for your wonderful contributions! πŸ™‚ You might want to start rallying up followers and supporters to vote for you in the Poll. Just giving you a heads up. Gather your WP tribe! πŸ™‚


  2. Okay whew, added the best photo πŸ™‚

    I’m very glad this cheered you up! yay! Thank you so much for your feedback. I love your challenge series!


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  4. C. R. says:

    Love it! And I wanna eat that ice cream cone thingy! :p


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