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Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Vote for me?

Over on Swift Expression the first Blog Challenge is down and now the poll is up to vote for the winner who gets to decide where the money raised will be donated. I’m not fussy about wining but still i urge you to pop over there and vote for me if feel so inclined. Of course if someone else sparks your fancy you are more than welcomed to vote for them.

Here is the Poll Link :

If that adorable picture ( found on google) wasn’t cute enough and didn’t say please enough maybe a different power of persuasion can be deployed?

How bout fear?


Now if that doesn’t scare you into voting I don’t know what will! LOL.

Seriously, the whole point of everything is to inspire each other and encourage each other like a creative writing group. So please do take the time click the link and check things out even if you do not vote. It really is a good writing challenge and the second blogging challenge is up and ready for your participation if you feel so compelled to part take, it is more than welcomed!

Hope to see you around wordpress!

  1. tfaswift says:

    LOL, absolutely brilliant. If you ever run for president, use pictures like that in your campaign! I would vote for you! Honestly that is just too cute and funny. Nothing wrong with promoting your hard work! That’s what campaigns are all about and this is kind of like that. You put in the effort, so no shame in asking people to appreciate it! Maybe that’s my shameless, brazen, stubborn legal background talking!! LOL. Oh hey, “shameless”, that’s my *own* negative word! I don’t think anyone else has said that one. 😉 Good luck!

    And if you have any friends or nice colleagues at work, they can vote for you through their phone I should think. So, lots of possibilities! Don’t be afraid to resort to shameless and brazen use of adorable puppy photos! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Diet Riot Girl and commented:
    I forgot to reblog this early. On my personal blog i part took in a blog challenge over on Swift Expression blog. This was the first in the series. The poll is up to vote for the first blog challenge winner. The second blog challenge is up and I already did most of them cause im going to be working nonstop and wont have the time too later. But, if you feel so inclined please vote for me for the first blog challenge.


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