Pep Talk in Unlikely Places

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This post was inspired by Tilda Swift over on Swift Expression Blog. She is doing a challenge about blogging titled “Just Do it!” with great tips and advice on what and how to blog even when you are lazy like a certain somebody coughMEcough.

So, i decided to just write what I have been thinking for the past week …. I”m a big believer in it’s the little things that matter. Like with my fiance? I enjoy the little things like taking a walk or being able to hold hands which sound like mundane things but it’s the most intimate time to me, especially when he was at his sickest he wasn’t able to do those things.

For this post, my topic is more along the lines of finding motivation in unlikely places.


Now I’m the type of person that is ALWAYS sick. So, i carry around cough drops. I seriously have cough drops stashed everywhere. I was cleaning out old purses and found dozens of cough drops in the little pockets of those purses. Gross i know.Β  IΒ  started working in November, and I started working with a full blown flu. I ditched handfuls of cough drops for just bringing the bag with me in my purse. I always end up with my purse littered with the cough drop wrappings. It’s not that i horde garbage, but i don’t like to litter and the garbage pales are never conveniently located near me.


Anyway, If your familiar with the brand of cough drops called Halls, then you may know some of their cough drop wrappers having motivational sayings on the wrapper. ( I will type them up at the end of the post, don’t strain your eyes trying to read them off the picture lol)


I found myself smiling every time i go to pop a cough drop and read the little pep talks on the wrappers. Sometimes, i NEEDED to read those words. Working retail during the holiday season is stressful and tiring and I was homesick missing my hubby and doggie. My errands and chores are piled up and administrative stuff was piling up. So, on my breaks I would escape outside to the deserted associate door and in the dim security light I would breathe fresh air and take in the quiet of the night and pop my cough drop. Seeing those words gave me motivation or at-least make me smirk and feel refreshed to turn around and go back inside with a smile on my face and ready to greet a customer.

I finished this bag of cough drops but i saved the last few I had. Not on purpose though. Just was littered around the bottom of my purse . After reading my friend’s blog( linked above) i decided I can utilize those wrappers ( and my thoughts) and share it within a blog post. Those wrappers did inspire me in some way, so I hope it will help you in some way too.

But above all, it reminded me sometimes a helping hand isn’t thrust in your face, instead it’s subtly waiting for you to reach up and grab hold. Look around you. Take in the little things. The little things are what matters most.

“Put a little strut in it.”
“Elicit a few WOWS today.”
“Go get it!”
“Hi-Five yourself.”
“Inspire envy”
“Conquer today.”
“Dust off and get up.”
“Its yours for the taking.”
“Nothing you can’t handle.”
“You can do it and you know it.”
“Go for it.”
“Buckle down and push forth!”
“Put your game face on.”
“Get through it.”
“Get back in the game.”
“Fire up those engines.”
“Power through.”
“Don’t give up on yourself.”
“Take charge and mean it.”
“Don’t try harder. Do harder!”
“You’ve survived tougher.”

  1. Ieonaa says:

    I also get sick very easy. Yeah, Tilda is an inspiration. And doggy is cute. πŸ™‚


  2. sethsnap says:

    Love that “Who’s awesome” photo. I need some of those words. I started the Dukan diet today. πŸ™‚ Need encouragement.


    • Isn’t that picture so cute? I stole it from google. I’m glad some of those words helped you. Good luck on the Dukan. I could never commit to that- it’s a tough diet for a person like me that doesnt eat alot of meat. I love my carbs. Hope you have better luck than i did!


      • sethsnap says:

        I love carbs too! πŸ™‚ I am on the 7 day Shock phase. I am already wanting some carbs. Everything I look at now, I want. After the 7 days, I can add things like tomatoes, lettuce in. I think on this one you can eventually have some carbs. I need to lose weight badly though! πŸ™‚


        • I found on my diet, after the first week i just went on auto pilot. ” I can’t eat that”….no fuse about it. Hopefully the same happens to you! 2013 i plan to get back on a diet and exercise routine. Can’t use work as an excuse anymore and plus my hours are cut to only several hours a week so i have plenty of time. Cheers to a happy and healthier new year!


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