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As you all known I have been working a seasonal job at a retail store. While at work Thursday , some co-workers and myself finished ringing up a line of customers and then there wasn’t any one to assist on our part of the floor. So, we set to work on all the put backs( fold clothes, put stuff on hangers, sort them to the desired section they will go). We were milling around the register having minor chit chat when another co-worker became all serious and he said ” Just so you know, they started”.

I instantly knew what he was referring too. With all seasonal jobs, comes an end. With the end comes the call to the HR office where they thank you for your service and give you your last schedule and end date and protocol for remaining pay checks. If you are lucky, you will be re-interviewed on the spot and presented with a job offer.

I dropped what I was doing and asked him ” Already, it wasn’t supposed to start till next week”.
He went on to tell me,” I just want you to be prepared, pay attention to the operator messages on the loud speaker. But , yeah they started and I  just wanted you to know to be prepared. ”  Another co-worker asked him if they let him go or if he was staying and he went on for awhile how we aren’t allowed to say until they speak to all the seasonal people and the whole I would tell you if I could speech.

Not even two minutes later he said “they kept me”.

We went about our day and I almost forgot they started this process. I was in the quad registers that face the wall ( actually the wall is the back end of the escalators). I was just walking out from around the registers and turned to literally bump into one of  the HR guys. He told me they want to see me in the office.

Frozen in my steps i asked ” right now?” and when he said Yeah come now I was half excited and half dreadful.

When i arrived at the offices they were dealing with a problematic customer and another employee( separately). They asked me to take a seat and I watched as an co-worker handed over her id and associate discount card which was crushing to watch because i knew her. We were in the same training group.

So i was sitting here for more than five minutes witnessed one employee let go and then another employee entered the room meanwhile they were still dealing with the customer. Nerves are a wreck.

They address the other employee first who just wanted to turn in one of the devices we use ( its a portable register basically). They solemnly asked him to close the door on his way out.

With the loud click of the door closing silencing the noise from the break room I was left looking at two of the HR managers. They both smile and asked me

“how are you doing?”

While my mind was screaming “Pretty freaking terrible with all this anxiety” I smiled and responded I am good.

I was then asked what did i like most about working there and i easily responded honestly “assisting the customers, they are so much fun and each and every one is different”. They told me they were glad I said that because I have been recognized several times for above and beyond customer service.

They then asked me what i disliked about working there and again I had to shut my mind up that was saying “lazy ass people that disappear all day and then complain when work piles up at the end of the day”. Instead i said different a truth about i hate working closing when there is nothing to do. We have been busy because of Christmas week and now we have a new years clearance sale so we have been more than occupied. One night we closed at midnight and i didn’t clock out til 130am. But I have worked slow closing days and there just is no work to do and “making up” work is so wasteful . I seriously color coded and size assorted  a rack of gloves before because every piece of cloth in the store was folded and fixed. I purposely messed up shirts to refold them. We are not allowed to stand around even when the store doors are closed. I mean,  i understand good work ethic but some realism needs to be applied there.

Back to the story, they asked me some more questions that i don’t remember then she started talking about my managers. She said all three of my managers recommend me and spoke very highly of me and between HR and the store leader they decided to keep me.

I responded soooo maturely and professionally by squealing and saying ” YAYYYYYY”. Both HR managers started laughing and asked me if I was excited to which i  responded by nodded enthusiastically and saying ” I can shop now!”

They than gave me a brief lecture about not telling any co-workers because they may till next week to get to some people and they want to be fair and not have people be nervous. They told me the hours are real limited about 10-15 hours a week because after new years is the slow season. But, around March the season picks up and as a permanent employee I would be scheduled the hours as they become available.

We all hugged and gave thanks to each other and i asked if i was free to thank my managers and they told me go ahead. As i closed the office door I was so giddy. Even if my check each week is only 80 or so bucks after taxes because of little hours( though we get paid bi-weekly) it’s still something to supplement living expenses and a little piece of mind. As i walked back to my floor i  was asked  by my co-worker that gave me a heads up earlier if they kept me.

I turned around with the biggest smile and said

“We aren’t allowed to say remember.”

But my smile said it all.

I’m a keeper.

Over the course of the rest of the day as i ran into my managers i thanked them each and one of them ( the girl) was just as excited as I was and gave me a big hug and said ” whattt, you were on the top of my list!”

What really had me happy was not the actual job offer( though I am happy about that). It was more the thought of my managers recognizing me and appreciating me and vouching for me. Also, i was die-hard in the belief I wasn’t going to be kept because most of the other seasonal people are more business oriented and have greater pushing skills in selling stuff and pushing the credit cards. But, i don’t do that. I do get credit cards, but i don’t push them on people. I had one customer who was trying to buy a coat for his wife and he asked me if the coat was warm. I responded honestly and told him for a fall or beginning of winter sure, but if you’re looking for a winter coat she will freeze wearing that.  He didn’t buy the coat but he was so happy for my honesty he couldn’t stop thanking me and told me he will actually write a comment about it in the customer survey about how much he values that overall.

And, alot of seasonal people are dating some of the permanent employees there or related too someone working there. So my faith in worth ethic was restored when I received my job offer. I don’t know anyone or have any affiliation with anyone there. I don’t suck up like other employees. I do my job, and i do it well by just being myself.  I was recognized off of that…as the way it should be.

It’s just good to know I’m being kept …for being myself.

  1. Truer words are rarely uttered: “I’m a keeper.”
    Yes, Yes you are T


  2. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Fabulous post .have a wonderful new year.jalal


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