BottledWorder (A review)

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Bottled Worder is one of the first blogs I followed when I started to seriously blog. I made my diet blog and turned the publicity on and visible to all. I then ventured timidly into the reader and into the blogosphere opening door after door into the small insight of others and their world. I followed BW because I loved her writing! I loved her followers. I hoped to write as well as she did one day and be as adaptable in writing and style as she was. Over the three months I have followed BW, I have read and enjoyed each and every post. As of means of self-critique BW has asked her followers and readers to open and honestly point out things they like or don’ like, her end of the year/start of the new year resolution for her blog.

It’s easy to write what I like but I will try my best to give constructive criticism.

BW I first followed your blog when I stumbled across it in my reader. I remember the blog post started with a personal tidbit about emailing your parents and then broached off into grander thoughts and philosophies.  It was the personal touch alongside the informative that made me stop scrolling and pause to read. Your versatility   to write has presented many types of writings and blog posts but it was weeks again before I read an article that had that same intimate feel I first stumbled across and made me follow your blog. Testament to your writing though, I did stay and enjoy and read every single blog you have published.

Also, lately you have been posting a lot of tips and advice and how to posts and they are great and I do benefit from them. But, I’m tired of reading the manual. I want to see the product. I want you to write a post again, a post of your own. I get more inspiration from reading thought provoking and heartfelt works of others than reading a list of do’s and don’ts or try this try that. Plus, I just miss them!

We are all entitled to our privacy and I’m not asking to pry or reveal your personal most inner secrets. Its just sometimes your voice is lost behind the anonymity.

So as a dedicated follower, this is my critique: More YOU.

With best regards and wishes

  1. nishi01 says:

    I liked reading the review. Yes, sometimes we try not to reveal too much for fear of privacy, but then nothing increases reader engagement like a personal thought


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