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Today’s Daily Prompt is about your Favorite person.

“What’s the most time time you’ve spent apart from your favorite person. Tell us about it. ”

I bet it’s no surprise who my favorite person…my fiancee. We have the type of relationship where at times others roll their eyes at us and our mushy-ness. Let em’ roll. I have no shame, but there is no reason for shame at all. I love him. I often feel like a child when I am with him. Even walking together sometimes I’m trudging along , he has a faster pace than me. He’s holding my hand and I’m strolling and he ends up pulling me along but I don’t mind. I even baby talk to him. When I cannot do something , like open my water bottle, i turn around and say in a whinny child voice with pouty face and all “babeeeeeeeee”. He smiles and comes to my rescue. I”m not a weakling and I’m also stubborn so when we first started dating the feminist side of me used to fight with the lid or cap until i got it off. He would patiently say give me and I would stubbornly say NO and struggle and struggle very rarely succeeding in getting the lid off. But, the independent raging feminist in me WANTED to open the lid, didn’t want the big strong male to sweep in and do big strong stuff. I wanted to be able to do it too.

Photo location can be found when clicked( Google)

Photo location can be found when clicked( Google)

One thing i learned about feminism from my relationship… it doesn’t need to exist. If the love is true we love each other equally and treat each other equally and help each other in our strengths and in our weaknesses and together we operate efficiently, balancing each other to become a stronger unit. I didn’t need to feel empowered or open the fucking lid. He would patiently wait for me to hand him the bottle or can and then say ” you loosened it for me” and pass it back.

So, yes he is my big strong man and I’m free to be child-like and free spirited and tackle whatever it may be. But, he’s my cheat code too. I know I probably and most likely will do it on my own, but like a child, he’s there to pick me up over the high steps.

Imaged linked to location found (Deviant Art )

Imaged linked to location found (Deviant Art )

Like i said before, we are the couple that even when not trying to be, people roll their eyes at us. I can go to the store and be gone for no more than 30 mins and I miss him. When I come back inside the house he gets a hug and kiss as if I’ve been gone all freaking day. And he’s always there to greet me warmly.

Click image for location of picture ( Deviant Art)

Click image for location of picture ( Deviant Art)

When I met my hubby, he had his own apartment…sort of. He’s father, being in the army, stayed on based and visited every other weekend. And my fiance and his brother don’t speak so he was just like a random roommate we saw in passing from time to time. I stayed over alot. Practically living there. Ok, i unofficially moved it. Right of the bat. I stopped home( to my parents) one or two weekdays to grab clothes, ditch the dirty clothes ( though the hubby had a washer and dryer in the apartment) and switch textbooks and reading books and accessories. Then went back. I spent weekends home mostly, family time and chores and my dad gave me money for the week. For our one year anniversary, The hubby stayed over for a weekend because we would be going to the airport and its faster and easier from my house. Went to PR for two weeks and when we returned from vacation he stayed…and never left. Actually, my parents preferred him staying here because they feared I would run away and never come back. So us living here they got to chaperon us. Then the hubby lost his job so he had no where else to go. Then his father moved out of state and so really had no where else to go. Then things settled down and the hubby started working again and things were looking bright. We started thinking of moving out and then thats when he fell sick. SO, we are still living at my parents house. I’m telling you all this to paint you a picture. I have been with this dude every single fucking day for the past years.

In between all that there was a point the hubby wanted to enlist. I hated the idea. I told him I support him and love him through whatever he may decide. He asked me what I wanted him to do for a living. I told him ” Do whatever the hell you want, as long as you come home to me at night.” Ironically, he was denied into the Air Force because of his tattoos. He was going to pursue the Coast Guards but again, he fell sick around that time.

I bet your wondering where the point is. Throughout our almost 6 years time together the hubby spent maybe two or three nights away.

With the exception when he was hospitalized.

That was the longest we were apart.

Of the 9 days he was hospitalized I spent 3 nights there and 3 other nights i left in the wee hours of the night via cab. So I basically came home to pass out , shower, brush my teeth and leave again.

But, one of the days I left the hospital around 6pm when my brother picked me up after he got out of work and I was home with hours of time before bedtime…it was some of the loneliest times in my entire life.

I tried to fiddle around on the computer. I couldn’t. I didn’t turn tv on. I didn’t listen to music. I couldn’t read. I was a zombie. A robot. I ate cause i knew i needed too. I showered because i knew i needed to be clean and presentable. I got in bed because I knew i needed to sleep. But still, there was time in between there that I was just didn’t know what to do, didn’t have the energy to do anything. I remember fiddling around with the clean laundry and I was folding clothes. I pulled out a sock. One of his socks.

I went sleep holding a sock soaked with my tears.

Image found on google images

Image found on google images

  1. C. R. says:

    Nice blog post Tash. Nice attribution for the image as well. I enjoy reading your stories.
    One note on attribution…I usually just go:
    Image Source: and let it link to the story/article I am writing. You never really want to send people away from the window with the story they are reading (yours). When he add link in the story we can choose for them to open in NEW windows, but I don’t see that option for images.


  2. Thank Cheri. I was in picture mode after my about me so this post had a little extra to it lol. Usually i just write on rampage and post sometimes pausing to throw images in it. I usually steal pictures from google images so just add a little ** at the end of the post. But i wanted a click-able link for two of the images from Deivant Art..again i would just usually add a post script with a little * with the link at the end of the post. But i’m trying to blog “neat” and stop just throwing stuff all over the place.


  3. ghazmat says:

    I read your comment above to Cheri I and was thinking it’s funny because you say you “just write on rampage and sometimes pausing to throw images in it” and I am the opposite. LOL. I “rampage” images and videos into my blog and maybe sometimes pause to throw in some writing. You are lucky you write so freely. And this was a very good post. It’s always good to hear about other couples and how they can make their relationship special and has their own “dynamic” the way they like. I’m sorry about the end when you went to sleep crying with his sock, that’s very sad. Maybe we can’t have all the strong feelings of love without sometimes the strong sadness. It’s not strong love if there isn’t some comparison. I hope the sad moments are just a tiny few and all the rest is strong happy love. And I’m the same, when I go to work for half hour, I want to come back to Tilda because I miss her!


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