Give Peace a Chance

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Be4Peace
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I stumbled across something marvelous this morning.  Over on Dianne’s Blog , she announced she will be part taking in Bloggers for Peace.  I can’t even express the level of exictment I had over this! I couldn’t click fast enough over onto Kozo’s Blog who started this challenge.

This is a chance to do something bigger with your blog, something more. I think my hair grew an inch while reading this and flowers started to grow from my hair, my inner hippy waking up for a long slumber. The desire for this Challenge is atleast once a month to blog about Peace. Awareness, Art, Issues and Causes… you name it. Just take the time once a month to blog about something meaningful and more than yourself.  Tag the post Be4 Peace and Kozo will periodically scan the Tags and reblog. Also, in your Peace Post pingback to another blogger who is writing something related to Peace. The hope is to make Peace go viral.

This goes with one my new year resolution to get involved more. Volunteer, spread awareness. I’m going to work to make Peace go Viral.

Feel free to join the cause!  You can click the links above and here is a copy and pasted link to Kozo’s page

So, this is my announcement post about joining the cause.  I will take some time to think of something to write about and will be posting a separate blog for the actual Peace Post.  Excuse me while I resist the urge to hold hands and sing kumbaya.

  1. C. R. says:

    I’m IN!!! i too am the hippest of hippy chicks. I once helped create a non-profit called Push For Peace and it was designed for walking people to help wheelchair bound veterans and others be able to physically participate in peach marches. 🙂


  2. Ieonaa says:

    I don’t know how much it would do to the word’s peace but it can better us and others as people. I’m in too. 🙂


    • Yay, glad your in! I believe for world peace we only have to work to better ourselves and other individual and with the “pay it forward” mentality it will be like dominoes. Realistic? Nah. But we can all dare to dream and hope right 🙂 If anything else we all have something great to read from each other once a month 😉


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