Glimpse of my Activist Days

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One of my New Year Resolutions is become active again, volunteer, protest, donate …whatever way I can. Be involved more. Earlier today I found Bloggers for Peace which started a chat with Cheri over on Cheri’s Speak and she has left me feeling all nostalgic for my activist days. Alot of photos are in photo albums buried in my closet but even more are lost and remain only in my memories because of computers that crashed ( this was before I knew about portable hard drives and backing up your stuff). SO, i just spent 20 minutes hacking into my MySpace account. Yes, i said MySpace. I knew it had precious few gems captured from my activist days.

To be fair, these are all OLD pictures I have taken myself or friends taken of me with my camera. I do look different now too. But, my heart is the same. In no particular order here are a few protests and rallys out of the many I attended.

My political disclaimer. Though i don’t often write about my political views, I have many. But what it boils too is I believe in love and i believe in peace. I believing in conducting yourself with manners and respect and treating others the way you want to be treated. It can be as simple as that. I respect your views. You don’t have to respect mine but be nice to my followers if they choose to comment and you disagree with them. With me? I can handle your ignorance debate πŸ™‚


2006 , me in Central Park NYC for the Aids Walk


May Day March , for illegal immigrant rights and workers rights.


I respect our officers of the law. But this image captured an erupt stop of the m.arch. Police for seemingly no reason bum rushed a guy playing the drums and arrested him. Simply because he was loud and inspiring to all of us in the march. We all stopped and chanted for him to be un-cuffed. They ended up walking the guy off somewhere and we were forced to continue on or mass arrests would be made. Being this was a march for illegal immigrants many were terrified of being arrested and moved along.


Nearing the end of the march, across the BK Bridge.


captin america

I love this guy! Several events and protests and parades you can find him lurking from the window panes cheering us on.


This was a rally for awareness about genocide, for Darfur. It was one of the peacefullest events I ever attended with alot of music and speakers. Location is the lawn in Central Park.


I still have that poster on my wall “darn good liar”


This was a demonstration my peers and I put on. I cant recall exactly what it was but yeah, we’re on the floor and the point being left for dead by our government.



Tiny pic i know , camera phone picture. I still have this poster as well. This was small protest outside of the UN for workers rights.


From May Day as well, signed touched my heart so much!


I believe this was a anti-war rally in Union Square.


young me

One of the best march/protests I have attended. Was leading a group in chants and handing out stickers and posters. Was with a group called World Can’t Wait. My shirt says “Stop Wars” I have a belt that says PEACE and I’m covered in stickers ( even more so later in the day but cant find a picture of it). I lost my voice that day. I still have a poster with various flyers and stickers on it in my room. This was an all inclusive march for protesting war and protesting Bush.

  1. C. R. says:

    I’m quite certain you must be my lil soul sister πŸ™‚ I applaud your bravery in making this post. I am always telling people to “walk the walk” and keep on walking it and not be afraid to show it. Some may call it our “freak flag” I call it our frikkin civic duty!!!! Yay YOU Tasha. I can officially say, “I love you” now.


    • Thank you love πŸ™‚ I love ya too. Just had a random thought. You know have everyone complains about jury duty? I LOVED it and i didnt even get picked to be an actual juror. I would love to serve again but i’m cleared for 7 years 😦 … and we even get paid to do it lol. It’s like everyone feels entitled to all these rights and privileges and wants to reap the rewards but never want to put in the work or earn in.


  2. Good luck on your resolution. I love the name you chose for your blog btw!


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