Escape to Wonderland

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I finally did it.  I made a good reads account!

And now I’m wondering WTH did i get myself into! LOL! Another social site to keep up to date with. I held out for so long because I’ve read SO much and I didn’t want to just look up names and check them off as read. But, i didn’t want to sit there and write half fast comments about the books too.  I always felt weird just starting off with present day readings, i felt my “shelf” was only half of me. I take my books seriously. BUt, i figured it was time to just take the plunge and join.  I know not everyone writes “reviews” but i figured If I’m “checking in” reading the book on a website,  I might as well write my praise or displeasure as well when it is done too. I often use people’s reviews in deciding what books to buy. Part of paying it forward right?


Here is the link to my first review.

I also  added a widget on my blog.

With the new year i decided to get back into my passions. Reading being one of them. So i started slow, with this re-read, reading only a chapter too while at work on break but then the other night i stood up late having been engulfed into the story. Finally finished the book yesterday during commercial breaks while watching Pretty Little Liars.
I usually read a whole book in a day or day and a half at the most. It took me a better part of the week to finish this book.  I”m trying not feel sour about that.

So, with this Good Reads account  I hope it will help me read more and then therefore write more with reviews of each book.

But, be warned i read 90% ..ok 95% …alright alright 97% ….YA books. Paranormal and supernatural. Angels, witches, vampires, werewolves, faeries, Gods and Goddesses… you get the drift. I like to read fiction and magical fiction at that. I do read adult books and literature from time to time but i read to escape. Why not escape into a wonderland?



*images plucked from google images.


  1. Horus says:

    Hmmm… have you read the Artemis Fowl series?


    • No I have not. i’ve seen them in passing before…are they good? what are they about? One thing i forgot to mention I own like over a 100 books i have not read yet …lol. Since i have very little book spending money i usually just pick up new releases to series i follow or series i own that i havent read yet.


  2. Ah books… I remember them. What I used to read before I started reading blogs!


  3. Wracked, enlightened, tortured, exhausted, bettered, you come out the other side of a book like Ulysses feeling as though you’ve had an experience, as though you have actually, actively read. And there are, for those of us who enjoy such literature of endurance, many authors who write books like bricks you could use to build a sound shelter for the three little pigs: William Gaddis, John Barth, Doris Lessing, Thomas Pynchon, Neal Stephenson, David Foster Wallace (to mention just a few of the most recent examples.


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