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Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Something incredible happened to me today. I’m unsure if I would call it spiritual, but it was very divine to me.


I’m still left mind boggled by it.

It was the afternoon and I was rushing to the store. I wanted to buy some items and then get back home and I would have 45 mins before I had to leave again to head to work. So, I was just walking the five blocks to the store and just lost in the hustle of walking swiftly, not really thinking just moving speedily along.

As I’m walking I saw a five dollar bill on the floor. Now, since my mind was on auto pilot I didn’t actually process it was money until a walked past it a couple of steps. I slowed my steps, but didn’t stop.

I always, always have a dilemma  when I see money on the floor. I feel so terrible picking it up. I feel like it’s instant bad karma. I feel it’s a manifestation of greed and I think if i pick it up, even if I have no money to my name, it will just cause MORE money problems. Loose my actual money. A bill will arrive in the mail. I’m not saying I never pick up the money if I see it on the floor. I have. But, it’s always this big epic moral battle in my head.
So, today, the same conflictions arose in me. I kept walking. I said to myself if on my way back and it is still there then I would pick it up.

It wasn’t there on my way back.

Later I was at work , sitting around before my shift reading my book and some co-workers came over to me.

One of our co-workers has been sick, in the hospital for the past two weeks. Also, her mother has a chronic disease and is in the hospital as well. They asked me If i would like to donate money…the minimum five dollars.

I was a stunned at that significant number

I told them I would definitely donate tomorrow  ( after i cash my paycheck) .

15 Watching Over Me in the Darkest Hour

To me, that five dollar was a sign from something bigger than myself. Maybe God. Maybe a Guardian Angel. Whatever form you believe in. It was just something…divine.

I’m still shell shocked about it and really in awe at how amazing it is.

Author’s note. Swift Expression posed a question to share your spiritual encounter, so I’m re- purposing this entry as a  joint post, for that question and for my experience for today. You can find her post here.

  1. tfaswift says:

    Hi darling, thank you so much for sharing this on my blog. This is definitely a spiritual experience in my opinion, and wow what beautiful images you have in this post! Stunning!

    What do you think it means that you left the $5.00 and then got asked for $5.00? There must be a connection, synchronicity, or whatever you may call it. Either way, the fact that you did not take the money off the ground (which would have covered your donation) and then you still go ahead and make a donation from your own paycheck – wow, that’s going to bring you some good karma, although I believe you do good deeds without hope of reward, which makes it very special indeed. (I, however, will be secretly hoping that you get some extra money coming your way in return for your kindness and honesty. 😉 )


    • Thank you love. I stole the images from deviant art and google by searching terms like “watching over”. It’s actually linked with the locations when clicked.

      I think the five dollars was left on the floor for a reason. My “Guardian Angel” or “protector” or “watcher” was trying to be helpful I think. Or maybe it was my co-worker’s guardian angel trying to take care of her by leaving messages for other people. Cause you see, I don’t carry cash. Rarely do. So i had NO cash in my wallet.


      • tfaswift says:

        I see. So do you think you were supposed to pick it up? Either way, it will come back to you one way or another for your kindness. 🙂


        • Hmmm. I’m not sure. I kind of like that i didn’t pick it up. I can afford five dollars. Some others may not. I think the “sign” from it all is much for valuable and I’m thankful for the experience. When i donate today, it will be from me. I like to think the five dollars flew off to fed someone for the day , or buy some pet food for a family that couldnt afford to buy food for their animal.


          • tfaswift says:

            I like to think that too! That it went to someone who needed it. Many years ago I was out with my mum and she had just withdrawn a huge sum to make a deposit on something. She had 6000 Euros in her bag. We sat down to have a drink at an outdoor coffee shop type place because it was boiling hot and a young man selling cheap jewelry and copy sunglasses came by and tried to sell us some stuff. We said no thanks. When my mum reached for her bag to pay the bill, yep, bag was gone. With all the money.

            Honestly we were off our heads but the guy had long since gone. Clearly he had just casually picked up the bag and walked off with it and we hadn’t noticed. Later, after we recovered from the massive shock and horror, we actually said, well I bet it really made his day when he opened that scruffy old handbag and found 6000 Euros!!!! LOL.

            And we know for sure that he was very poor to be selling copy sunglasses on the street like that. So we decided to just be hopeful that he was a man with a wife and children somewhere and that my mum’s money meant a lot to him. That’s the best we could do under the circumstances! Just hope that it went to someone who really, really needed it.

            And yes, your donation will be from *you* which makes it all the more special. Although there’s probably some guardian angel somewhere thinking, “Dang, this girl makes it so hard to give her a helping hand!” LOL


  2. I always pick up money:
    I feel like the fates put it there just for me.
    It is interesting that
    Your co-workers had a minimum.
    I like their style.


    • Lol , their speech was “the minimum is a five dollars, but you can give whatever you can afford, and if you cant afford anything that’s okay too”

      But, i understand the minimum especially since you cant expect ppl outside of our department to know who she is and/or care.


  3. I pick up money unless I know who’s dropped it or have a fair idea of working out who might have dropped it. One time I was working on an outdoor paddling pool as a lifeguard, there were three of us on duty and we were arguing over who had to do the litter pick at the end of the day. I relented and said “Okay I’ll do it.” To my delight amongst the litter was a £10 note lol


  4. I always pick up money – There is a German saying, “Whoever doesn’t honor the penny isn’t worthy of the dollar” – I any case, I once was at the beach and it was very windy! I opened the car door to drive home and a $5 bill blew into the car! I didn’t even have to pick it up!
    “Accept whatever comes” is my motto 🙂


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