A Perfect Gentleman

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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One of my new year’s resolution was to write more. Both on my blog and personal in my paper journal. Yesterday, I finally pulled out my paper journal.

My read journal, turned to a blank page.

My read journal, turned to a blank page.

I dusted it off and opened it up and began skimming through stuff I wrote. Amongst the daily entries, I  found the recollection of the most amazing, romantic, and touching experience within these pages between Omar and I. I didn’t even remember this happened. It makes me wonder how many gem moments we loose to the test of time and from our faulty memories. I would like to share with you the entry:




April 5th 2011 8:31am

Earlier in the day, I went on a cleaning spree when we came home from the hospital. My dad, Omar and I took a trip to the store first, to  CTown and after they were fed I just was cleaning up the lunch mess and started cleaning and cleaning. I just finished around the time my momma came home. When i finally returned upstairs to my room, Omar just woke up from a little nap in really high spirits. He turned on some music and asked me to dance with him. When I offered him my hand, I expected him to pull me close . Instead he took my hand and held it up in the air and starting bouncing , rock metal jumping up and down type of bouncing. He was so giddy and happy I bounced with him even though the song was anything but hype. He then turned on “No Rain” by Blue Melon and held me and hugged me and we swayed like we at an 8th grade school dance. The stress and tension in my mind and body went away while in his arms. When the song ended, like a perfect gentleman, he thanked me for the dance and he left me feeling a lightness in my heart and a smile on my face.

  1. That was really sweet. Thanks for remembering it & Sharing it!

    Sent from iPhone


  2. Kozo says:

    Tell Omar I’m going to steal his game to use on my wife. haha. Love this,Tasha. Thanks for sharing.


  3. C. R. says:

    Awww this is super sweet and I love the layout 😉


  4. homeinawoods says:

    What a beautiful moment.


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