Winter storm 2013 is on it’s way to New England side of the US. They named this blizzard ( with an expected 10-14 feet of snow) Nemo.

nemo, snow, storm

Nemo is coming

I was upset they named this anticipated storm after Nemo, Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies! So when i saw this on facebook I laughed so much. I still chuckle when i look at it.

I was scheduled to work tonight 5-10. I was walking around all morning saying I’m happy for the hours ( It’s the only day I’m scheduled this week!) but who in their right mind is going to trek to a mall to SHOP in the midst of a snow storm? Some faith in humanity was restored for me, because my job called me and said they are closing early ( hope to be closed by 5 so everyone can get home before the snow hits hard around 8) so I don’t have to work today. Sucks for my lost hours, but at least common sense in the world is not completely lost.

Stay warm and be safe folks!

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