Snow Through A Dog’s Eyes

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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dog, lured , snow

Trying to lure Bianca outside into the snow that’s finally sticking..she’s not being fooled…lol


Paw prints

snow dog

Bianca not liking the snow


Looking for her grass spot

yellow snow

Gave up, making yellow snow. ewie lol

angry dog

Oh she looks cute even through the anger

warm dog

Bianca warming up

model dog

Bianca modeling


Bianca is not going to go back outside today, but thats okay because Nemo 2013 has finally begun

* All pictures were taken today, 2/8/13, (ignore the time stamp) by me on my old barely working digi camera.

Oh and P.S. I didn’t torture my dog and MAKE her stay outside. She stepped outside on our back porch when I was feeding some stray cats and she sniffed around for two minutes because of the food I was carrying and i snapped a couple of pictures but then went right back inside. It was time for her walk so i dressed her and she went out right out front of my house and i snapped more pictures. Total outside time less than five minutes. And as you can see I cleaned her paws, dried her off and then put a fresh sweater on her to keep her warm. I take care of my dog.

  1. C. R. says:

    I love this post Tash…cute pooch, love the snow too. I hope someday we actually get to meet and hangout!!! BTW i “pinned” some of these on Pinterest 🙂


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