Pick YOUR Peace ( B4Peace February Edition)

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Be4Peace
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forpeace6If you are unfamiliar with Bloggers for Peace via B4Peace  posts please click here to read about the movement started by Kozo.

February’s B4Peace Post was inspired by the Superbowl. Well, advertising during the Superbowl. To have your ad during half time show, or hell anytime during the performance , is a chance to reach a vast and diverse crowd.

Kozo is daring to dream next year, B4Peace can have a super bowl ad. So, for February’s B4peace Post we are asking for you to put on your thinking caps. Come up with a your version of a peace ad. Could be a song, a video, a slogan, a picture- anything you consider promoting peace. Maybe, just maybe, we can come up with this generation’s version of John Lennon’s Imagine.

So I was contemplating what I can do to contribute to this month’s peace post. What advertisement idea can I come up with? So, i sat thinking about Peace. What peaces means to me. I spent days thinking about this. I plowed through the web and even made a “Faith” board on pin interest with stories of good deeds restoring people’s faith in humanity. I watched hours of animal rescues videos. Finally, it hit me. Peace is just a board and maybe even vague concept. It means something different for every single person.  For me,  Peace is goodness. Peace is actions. Peace is caring. Peace is compassion.  Peace is not only believing but living your life with care and concern for others beside yourself. I believe Peace is the little steps, baby steps even, we take daily to be better to ourselves, others and the planet.

With that said, my contribute this month is simple. Pick Your Peace.

That’s my slogan. My new motto.

Everyone is different. With different intentions and goals. But, that can be an amazing thing. One person can pick their peace by helping others. Another can pick their peace by helping animals. Yet another can pick their peace by helping the environment . They’re so many ways of doing good. Honestly not one sole person is capable of doing everything nor should they. We can do little good with one foot in one door and the other foot in another door. Or running across the hall to different rooms. Instead, we should  Pick Our Peace. Stand firmly and confidently and completely invested inside ONE door. We have to focus on our intentions and goals and utilize our individual talents to make those goals happen. We all have the same purpose, the same heart. It just takes different forms. And that’s a beautiful thing. If each of us stops trying to trample each other for the same thing, we can each purse the same goal with different routes and with the best way you know how…with where your passions lay. Then we can all meet at the finish line for  a group hug.

Be YOUR own leader. Pick YOUR own Peace.

A sole flower is beautiful. But, whats ever more beautiful is lush colors and smells complimenting each other in a bouquet . Together, as individuals, we can work to a common goal in which we end up all surrounded by wonderful, colorful, beautiful beings.  SO, Pick Your Peace and let’s set off on an adventure. I’ll meet you at the finish line.

  1. Kozo says:

    I love this, Tasha. It makes peace already exist; we just need to pick it. It makes peace beautiful and accessible; just pick it. It accounts for the uniqueness of everyone–everyone gets to pick their own piece/peace. Great slogan. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo


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