Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We all heard the saying ” you should never judge a book by it’s cover”.  This is just a quick post to share an experience I had at work the other day that reminded me of this moral. This is an example of why you shouldn’t judge another person solely on their appearance and demeanor .

Judgement defines

I’m not one to judge. I try my very best to keep an open mind and open heart and never make assumptions. In my workplace, I keep to myself while working. They’re are people there I like and talk to on breaks and after breaks and stop by to say hi throughout the work shift. But, i stay out of personal stuff filtering around the store. Sure, I have my favorites and we hang out when not on the floor working. But, I exchange words with everyone.  But, I noticed even at work there is clicks. They’re people that travel together, work together, take breaks together etc. They’re also people others avoid or ignore. I pass by each click and can stop and exchange words everyone. But, i choose to spend more time stopping by the ones left out.

I’ve always been like this. In fact, I’m drawn to the outcasts. The loners. The ones people don’t include.

There is a lady at my job everyone dismisses because she is….different. She’s older. Quiet and very soft spoken. It’s apparent every time she speaks to a customer she has anxiety. She doesn’t go out of her way to talk to customers, but she doesn’t ignore then and she does her job and she does it well. I noticed from day one she was different and approached her and introduced myself. I make it my business every time i see her to say HI and ask how she is doing. When it’s a little busy or she is becoming flustered I walk over to her and ask if everything is alright and if she needs help. Sure, on her hour break she sits in the break room and doesn’t eat or drink or speak and stares at the floor for the whole hour. But, i have to practically kick her off the floor for her to even go on her break. She is a good worker. Sure, you can see her mumbling to herself , sometimes gesturing to herself throughout the day. But, she works fast and accepts help and offers help faster than anyone else. Most people dismiss her or leave her alone in her little world. I give her her space, but try my best to pop by and visit her world from time to time.

Remember, I’m still a newbie at world. I’m still learning the ropes even though I’ve been working there since November. Last week , I learned how to make replacement tickets. This week I learned how to use the mobile register device. I’m still learning about my co-workers and their attitudes and just the general feel of everyone.

Like i said before, I always try my best to not judge and withhold any opinions i may have about people.

The other day after closing the store, one of my bosses was holding a department meeting to talk to us about new procedures and stuff. He then began talking about what that means for our job description. Basically, everyone has to work and train to be diverse. No more working in a sole section doing a sole job. There is a mandatory stipulation we all have to train and learn to use the mobile devices as they are a big part in the changing the store.  The manger was explaining we need to work as a team and help each other.

After a bunch of mumbling and complaints, he decided to acknowledge an exceptional worker.

He put a spot light on the little old lady. ( She wasn’t working that day). He comended her. Said she is the best associate in our department, with no compliments in her history. She is long past retirement age. She has mastered the new devices and has the lead in purchases using the device. I wasn’t suprised by this news. But I was suprised by everyone’s reactions. Every single person had a shocked expression and was in complete disbelief. Several people exclaimed who? and asked “are you sure”.  My manger proudly said her name again.

I smiled and celebrated a small victory for her.

That’s what they get for judging a person.

Never judge a book by it’s cover.

You may just lose out on a chance to experience the best story every told.




  1. Katie Renee says:

    That’s just awesome! I love it when little things like that happen because people can be kind of petty and self absorbed. I don’t like dealing with that in the workplace either, but it’s all too common. It’s great that she got the recognition she deserved and that some people got a lesson. 🙂


  2. Horus says:

    Thats someone who shows the result of daring to be different !

    It takes a lot of courage to be different and survive and I know as a survivor !


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