I have been nominated for the Shine On Award by the wonderful and enchanting Tilda of Swift Expression! Thank you my friend for thinking of me and your kind words. She definitely has shined a light on my world, and she can for yours too. Visit her blog at http://tfaswift.com/

The Rules

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Put the Award logo on your blog

3. Share 7 little secrets about you

4. Nominate 5 – 10 other bloggers who make others happy too

1) I love to love. I’m not scared to open up. I open up too easily in fact. I love so much it is often a weakness. No matter how hard I try not too, I always let people in. My heart has more scars from different kinds of disappointments and betrayals than I can remember. So while it hurt to be deserted from the few friends  I had left( with an exception of two or three people), but when the hubby got sick and his health needing my attention and between him and my dad I was home bound care-taking. It was the push I needed to let it all go. Sure, I still get sad sometimes about the lost friendships. But, now my heart is locked up tight and I love the ones I love much harder. I feel freer. Closer. More lovable. I have more love to give.

2) I rather spend my last penny on someone else than myself.

3) I love animals. I know no surprise there. But, I really really love animals. I can’t look at a an animal without saying awwww. When I pass a stray cat or even a bird in the street I say “hey buddy!” and people look at me like I’m crazy.

4) Speaking of birds, I was shit on by a bird four times last year. That I can remember. It was probably more.  People kept telling me I will find money or it means good luck is coming my way! That’s bullshit. Just so you know.

5) I don’t like to scare my dog. But I love it when she gets scared of something(nothing serious, that crushes my heart). It’s SO cute.  Like the other day I popped two of those frozen waffles into the toaster and I was rushing around getting ready for work. I sat down to put my  shoes on and Bianca is standing there with her back to where the toaster is  up on the counter. It’s silent  in the house. She is just staring intently on me like “ are you really leaving?”
Then the waffles popped up, making the usually popping noise it makes.
My little dog got so scared. She did that jump cats usually do when they get scared and she flipped mid air and skidded when she landed and started barking looking from side to side. I was laughing my butt off.

TO be fair, I find it funny when dogs do dogs things us owners would rather they didn’t. Like jump in mud and chase things.

6) I fall. A lot. I stumble. I trip. I loose my balance. I may not completely eat it and face plant on the floor. But a few times a day I slip and slide.  The funny thing is when I am drinking liquor and I’m not drunk but experience one of my clumsy episodes people start telling you that your drunk and you tell them no! I am not drunk but that is exactly what a drunk person says and saying it only works against you. It’s a loose loose situation. But, I’m not embarrassed by my quirk. It keeps me one my toes.

I remember one time telling my classmates about my clumsiness and they laughed about it but brushed it off like it’s not really true. Then one day we’re walking and chit chatting after class let at and seemingly for no other reason than my own to feet I slammed in to the wall, almost lost my books I was holding but grabbed it before they fell . I was completely unfazed and kept walking like hugging a wall was no big deal( it’s not for me!) but the look on everyone’s face caused me to laugh aloud. Everyone was staring with their mouths hanging open and one of my classmates said “you really are clumsy!”  In my head all I was saying “Yeah, no shit Sherlock!” But, people need to see it to believe it.

7) I complain about it, but there Is nothing I love more than staying home and cooking and cleaning. If I didn’t have to earn a living( if you call my job that, I’m basically earning enough for metro, a few take-out orders and few packs of ciggys), I would be perfectly OK being the stay at home wife/parent. That scares me though. I LIKE to work. I like the feeling, I want to be independent. I want to contribute. But I love tending to and caring for those I love. I picture a future with just my little family of the hubby and Bianca and we can be snowed in for weeks and I wouldn’t mind one bit. I’m scared of how comfortable that picture makes me feel and scared that makes me lazy.  Mostly mad it will never happy.  I just feel so happy when I’m loved and having brushed losing him everything seems so petty. If I’m loosing precious time by not being there, it better be damn well worth it. And well, it’s hard for things to measure up to that.  Even before the hubby’s cancer, I would miss him. It could be a few minutes, a few hours, I would miss him the same. And I would be excited to see him. After all these years I still get butterflies.  So yeah, I love being home with him and my doggie and we don’t even do things together most of the time. He watches sports or play video games. I read or write. But we always overlap and we always are having so much fun even if we’re sitting there watching the news. That’s worth a lot more than any job can pay for.

Okay that was my 7 little secrets.
Now to nominate 5 blogs.  I’m trying to go for followers who don’t already have this award and who weren’t nominated by other mutual blogging friends. If you were already nominated and i nominated you again, sorry it’s hard to keep track.  If you would like this award, go ahead and nominate yourself 😉

His words and photos take me on adventures every single day. Sometimes when I am down, I click on his photos and it always presents me with beauty. It may not be stereotypical beauty, but true hidden beauty. He has an eye for the different and the beautiful.

For making me think, laugh and want to be better. For his Bloggers for Peace campaign.

Fish of Gold
I just started following her blog, and I’m now I am an avid reader. I love her humor. Her stories suck you right in.  She has a way with words and even if it’s a serious topic her words reach you through the screen.

The wonderful G, and not because he is married to the wonderful Tilda, though that’s extreme points in my book! His blog is open and honest and spiritual and full with adorable and fierce animal pictures which is an instant qualification for the Sunshine award in my opinion!

Catherine is an amazing woman. Her blog is her open public diary of learning to deal with ASD. Through all she’s been through she still fights to get the treatment she deserves and thinks the best of people! I love reading her blog and she has my support!

I’ll part leaving you a little message.

  1. tfaswift says:

    What a lovely post, Tasha! 🙂 I loved your 7 secrets, especially the stuff about animals! You know I’m nuts for animals too. 🙂 And how kind that you are so generous. I know that; you walk the walk, you don’t just talk the talk. Thank you on G’s behalf for nominating him! He’s out right now, but he’ll say thanks when he gets home. We’re going to bed early tonight and he’s taking me to another workshop tomorrow so he might not be able to accept it through WP until a bit later, but on his behalf, thank you so much! xxx


  2. ghazmat says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH TASHA! Thank you for the compliments and I’m so happy that you also love the animals like I do. I know you love animals too and have such a cute fluffy little dog. Thank you for likiing it that I am spiritual and I talk about those things also. It is very kind to remember me and nominate me for this Award, and also Congratulations to you for receiving this Award! You totally deserve it. 🙂


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