Is this my first drunk post? I think so .

Well, folks let’s go on an adventure shall we?
Today, well it’s tomorrow when I’m writing this, but I’m talking about Saturday.  Saturday, my day off, I was asked to go hang out by a friend.  Nothing concrete, but I was asked. So i texted back asking when. I was told by my friend he wasn’t up for that specific outing( it was an outdoor walking art gallery) so I said eh okay. I don’t have to comb my hair then and that’s fine too.

Cause i had a hell of a morning.  I had a mini panic attack because I was looking for my banking account information. I had to open a new bank account because my old one is a joint bank account with the hubby. But, my income( if you can call it that) with my retail job will affect his  disability, even though we aren’t married( i call him my hubby but technically we are not legally married, engaged, but for all  official titles I have been demoted to care-taker so not to complicate his insurances and stuff). So I had to open up a new bank account. With a new account they give you a little envelope with the account number written on the front and a few temporary checks. I couldn’t find that envelope anywhere.  I up-ended bags of paperwork and pulled paper work off shelves. I made a mess.

Hour or so later I was about to give up and run to the bank in my pjs paranoid someone is going to steal my little bit of money with the information, then I  found it.

In my kindle case that was sitting right on my night stand.

So, I showered dressed and went about my day. I went to Popeyes twice. Yes, twice. Cause i went to get the hubby his food and i ordered the meal he usually gets. They gave me the wrong order. But, i didn’t check at the store. So i walked all the way home, the hubby found out it was the wrong order.  I took the wrong order back and got what i ordered then walked back home.

Then my brother came home with this beast of a coffee maker. So, or course we had to try it out and try different flavors. Thus, I’m drunk but it’s  334 am as I type this.
So around 6ish i was alone and my friend canceled the outing so i put on a movie and made myself a drink. I watched an old Disney channel original movie, Halloween Town. Actually I watched Part two and part of Part Three of the movie series. I was having a grand ol’ time. The hubby went next door to play video games with my brother. So  was alone, laptop off and my bestie busy tending to a newborn. So it was just me , movie and a cup of imported New Amsterdam vodka.  It was splendid. My dog was walked and sleeping. It was relaxing.

Then my cousin texted me asking if I wanted to drink. I debated ignoring the text but she was coming upstairs ( she lives downstairs in the first floor apartment of my parent’s two family house) to hang out in my brother’s room. So it’s not like i could hide. A little reluctantly, I said I’ll hang for a little bit. I just use my dog as an excuse to bail when i get bored.  Cause I’m not taking her into my brother’s room…all smokey and that. Not good for a little dog. So I  put my dog downstairs with my dad and she got mad I had woken her up to move her so she is pretending it was her idea to relocate and defiantly trotted over to her pillow completely ignoring me.

So i hang out.  I’m drinking and we watched a movie Project X. That was a good movie.  It made me want to go to a party.  So i started drunk texting friends. It’s about the only time you can reliably text me. I tend to ignore my phone. Or forget to respond. But, when drinking and home I hold the best convos via text. So i texted a friend who is also a friend with the friend I was supposed to go out with earlier. She was at the event. With him.

What the fuck bro? I told her he said he wanted to cancel , I was supposed to go. She was properly remorseful and oblivious so I wasn’t mad at her.  And it’s not one of those situations where the guy is after the girl. The guy is gay in a long term committed relationship. The girl, she WAS a lesbian and then turned in her lesbo card for a crush and they dated for several months.

So, I was pissed though. I don’t go out often. I’m not willing to go out often. I asked  a few times if he is going to change his mind let me know. So, it was like a slap in the face. Next time I’m willing to go out, it will be with other people.

OKAY that’s all i wrote last night, ( well technically this morning), so i’m now finishing writing about my night in the afternoon , Sunday.

Anyway, so i said fuck it and kept drinking and hanging out.

We ended up talking about weddings. The definition of a weddings vs marriage. We have a friend getting married next year, but he is doing a destination wedding so the guest has to pay for their own cruise ticket. She was appalled and trashed weddings like that. Then my brother said he is going to be the best man and he is saving for a wedding gift. My cousin almost shit a brick. She adamantly said if you are paying to a go to a wedding you don’t have to give a gift.  No matter what we said, she just couldn’t understand it’s not about the money. It’s about your best friend since you were little. Giving him a great day and best wishes. You WANT to give them a gift.

She’s just bitter she is single.

Things get fuzzy. We talked alot about a lot of things. Then, the munchies hit.

So my brother decides to go on a munchie run at 2am( he wasn’t drinking). Of course the hubby wants food too so I go with my brother.

I’m also out of ciggy’s and luckily my brother was. So we found an 24 hour gas station and we get out of the card and I’m praying they carry my brand of ciggys. My brand isn’t a popular brand. They had it!  Then i hear my brother with a little panic in his voice “wait, i don’t see the newports!”  I didn’t see them either. But, they had his brand too. But my brand they only had  regulars, not 100s.  But smokes are smokes so i go to pay and son of bitch it was almost 13 dollars. I usually pay 11.90. You should have seen my face and how begrudgingly I handed over the cash.  I sucked my teeth all the way back to the car.

Then , we finally pull into a Wendy’s parking lot. Normally, I’m not good with math. I have trouble with basic math. No lie, I am serious. I am good with words, not numbers. Add the drinking. Yeah it was a mess. My brother ended up paying with his card and when i checked the receipt I could not figure out how much cash i owed himit. I handed him a 20 and called it a day.

Now, my brother drives fast. With loud music. It was a mini club in my head.

Not to mention we were in the whole time warped black hole. That’s right. Daylight savings. Time went forward an hour.

So we left at 2am and got home a little after  3am. Wrap your drunk mind around that.

I bring all the food inside and my brother went to his room and I went to mine.

I rarely eat fast food, when i do it’s usually the seafood order or something. But, i got spicy chicken sandwich and french fries. And a soda. I don’t drink soda!

The hubby and I eat and i sat down to write this while eating.

So now, it’s Sunday. I don’t have a full-blown hangover, just that fuzzy state that wont go away. I work closing tonight.

But, its okay. Cause I got drunk last night. I laughed.  I found out character traits of people. I had fun. A few hours of suffering at work is worth it. Though  I don’t know if working missing the airing of The Walking Dead is worth it…lol.

  1. Sounds like a fun night lol.


  2. What is up with your friend though. Rude…


  3. R. Ban says:

    🙂 That’s the difference. I got drunk last weekend too…but then I was by myself and the only character traits I could analyse were my own. The next morning wasn’t pretty either. 😀


  4. My dear friend, I have nominated you for the prestigious The HUG Award! Congratulations! Please visit this link for


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