March 12th 2013


Dear Journal ;

My dear friend! I am SO sorry. It has been so long since I have turned to your pages. I regret it each time i stop confiding in  you. My story is untold and now but faded memories.

It gets worse, my friend.


Not only has my pen not caressed your pages in so long, but my pen was placed aside. Yes, I confess. I turned in my pen strokes for key strokes. I have been blogging. I have cheated on you. But, maybe, you both can have space in my  life! My blog is now a small but wonderful community of creative exchange. I do bear my honest feelings yet still, I don’t fully disclose my most inner secrets. My soul bearing is still yours.

Since I have last written  to you , Omar has finished his cancer treatment and each day is a struggle but he continues to heal. I am now working. Are you ready for this? At ——- ( Name of company). I know, I know. The wild hippy  activist anti capitalist girl you know within your pages is now working for the ultimate consumer franchise.  It’s not a bad job though. I like it. I mean, it’s not my life goal. I don’t even get a lot of hours so i don’t make much money. But, it’s money to call my own. I have earned it. I long for the day where I am self-sufficient.

I’m actually writing to you  as i sit in the mall food court drinking a coffee before my shift starts at 10am. After work, I am stopping in Game Stop to finally buy Omar’s b-day gift. It’s going to cost a pretty penny but it’s worth it. Once I buy this  I have officially bought him the whole collection of this game series. It’s a sentiment of how long we have been together and the little foundations we build together.

Well my friend, I have to go head upstairs now. But, I promise to write again…and soon.

With all my love

  1. sethsnap says:

    Glad to hear he is over with his treatment. Happy Birthday to him.


  2. tfaswift says:

    Yay! So nice! I love it! I’m so happy for you that you found a chance to talk to your journal. 🙂 They’re such nice things. Thank you for sharing some of it here with us! Happy Birthday to Omar! And how nice to give him such a meaningful and sentimental gift; I’m sure he will love it. 🙂 Take care!


  3. Kim says:

    what a lovely blog xx hope Omar contiues to improve in health xx


  4. Kozo says:

    Love the confessing squirrel. Great idea for a post, Tasha. Our journals do suffer due to blogging, but the journals/diaries we construct on line seem more searchable and memorable. Not sure how, but that is what I feel. {{{Hugs}}} to you and your journal.


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