7. You happen upon an anonymous blog full of writing, quotes, images and even music, which are uncannily similar to all your own interests, opinions and taste. It’s like this person has seen inside your head. You contact the owner to find out more, and the owner replies, “I am you.” Write about the experience.

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number 7. If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.

So what would i do if I stumbled upon a blog that was the mirror image of my own and have the owner respond ” I am you”? I don’t know what I would do. I’ll probably shit a brick  as the initial  shock hits me.

I do believe in weird. I believe in supernatural and I just believe there is more out there in the world than we see with our eyes. So of course I would entertain the notion it was some form of myself. Maybe a former piece of my self or better yet my future self writing back to me. Maybe it is me from an alternate dimension.

I mean who’s to say it’s NOT me? If i had a mental disorder like having different personalities maybe it was another side of me and I have no recollection of that side or having that. Maybe I have an alter.

But, everything doesn’t need to be so dramatic and drastic. It doesn’t have to be some medical induced answer or some ethereal or sinister answer.

It could very be me, but not me at the same time.  I could have a soul sister out there in the world. You know there is a superstitious belief that we ALL have a twin in the world. Not a biological twin. Just a spirit twin. About the same age and uncanny resemblance and same personality. Alot of people believe, even if born on opposite sides of the world, we are born as twins.

The lore on twins is wide. You’ve heard of some. Some people believe we are twins and one is evil and one is good.

Some people believe  twins are counterparts ( either male or female or same gendered) and the twin is actually our soul mate and we spend our lives searching for  our twin, for our one true love.

Biology and genetics be damned.  This is omnipotent stuff here. It’s a belief that somewhere out there in the world there is someone just like ourselves. And is that really a silly  belief?

I don’t think so. We all go through life wishing for acceptance and assurance of others with similarities to our own interests and beliefs.

So if a blog owner responds to me “I am you” who am I to dismiss that? It may very well me my soul sister.

And how do you greet a sister?

By saying hi back….

  1. Kozo says:

    Great response to this challenge, Tasha. I kept thinking of Fight Club, where a split personality came out due to insomnia. I, too, would shit a brick if this happened to me. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • Thanks for reading Kozo! Fight Club was a great movie! I was trying to tie that connection in, with having a different personality. Sometimes like the movie we wouldn’t even know it was US just an alter personality.

      P.s. I.O.U a March B4Peace Post! I’m going to write it, it’s just going to be a little late 🙂


  2. Interesting, I’d make it a horror story



  3. tfaswift says:

    Oh my goodness, what interesting ideas! Now you’ve got me wondering if G is like my counterpart twin born as a man on the other side of the world …! And one of the other ideas, is that kind of like the “Doppelganger” thing I’ve heard about? “Biology and genetics be damned” 🙂 I like that! I think science has its place but there’s WAY more going on that we haven’t figured out yet (and may never do).

    Really great pictures as well … it must have taken ages to search for such appropriate ones. And I keep meaning to ask, how do you put the “source” like that under the picture so it doesn’t show the whole url, just the word “source” but it’s still clickable?

    This is a lovely entry and it really sparks the imagination. So many possibilities! I love it! 🙂


    • Omg Tilda when I first tried to explain what my definition of a soul sister is to Omar he said the same things. He said “you mean like a celebrity Doppelganger” lol You two have the same reactions sometimes. I tottally forgot about Doppelganger’s when I wrote this. I guess in a way it is the same as my soul sisters. But, i like to think soul sisters is another take on twins. I like to think Doppelganger are reserved for celebrities so we all get a celebrity Doppelganger and get to feel fabulous sometimes to.

      I usually steal my pictures from google. I just google image search by typing in phrases. I start off straight forward like for this post I started off with soul sisters and spirit sisters than i started trying different things like soul mate spirits and good and evil spirits. I tried twin spirits and twin love and i even tried animal spirits. Lol I get creative with the search terms. And when i up load the picture through the media gallery when the upload is complete for the caption section I just type in the word source and when it brings me back to my dashboard where I am writing my entry I highlight the word and click the little link thing to add the link to the google image link page. I actually got that idea from some of your photos. Under some of your photos there is always a link “photo source” and I was like that’s so much neater than having the whole hyperlink! Lol.


      • tfaswift says:

        Thanks for telling me how to do the “source” thing! Funny you got the idea from me to use the word “source”, but then you went and added it as a caption to the picture which is very elegant. 🙂 I will be copying that! 😉
        So Omar went to “Doppelganger” as well? LOL. Although, it does show the age gap inasmuch as I don’t know what a “celebrity Doppelganger” is except from how you just explained it. I heard the term “Doppelganger” in a film from many years ago (probably before you were born!! LOL). It was just called “Doppelganger”. Ok, I googled it, and it says it was 1993 with Drew Barrymore. That was just a regular Doppelganger, not a celebrity one, but nevermind – same type of thing! And it just adds another interesting twist to your already fascinating post. 🙂


  4. Katie Renee says:

    I loved all the pictures you used and your entries for the challenge have all been absolutely great. I think you have my vote in the upcoming poll! That would be so cool if I had a twin out there. The world might explode.


    • LOL, double the trouble right? That’s what i think when I think of having another Tasha running a muck out there in the world. Especially during my teenage years! LOL.

      That’s so sweet of you Katie, to vote for me. But, there aren’t any more polls for these challenges. It’s merit earned. Complete 6 parts for the cupcake award, 8 parts for the hot topic and 10 parts ( with a trend) for the trendsetter award. Which is why this challenge was so cool. There is less pressure , just write and earn.


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