What’s Yet To Come

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My Dear Readers!

So, I have finished the current Blog Challenge hosted by Swift Expression. I know my posts are primarily entries for that blog challenge. So I would like to give a little update about my blog.

What’s to come
1)I will be writing up my first Matters Most Post.

Matters Most is the trend I am starting ( part of the swift expression blog challenge was to start a trend) and if you would like to join in and post something similar on your blog I encourage you to do so. My goal for Matters Most is to show tribute to those who are consistently there for me via blogging. Some see low numbers, low stats, low amount of followers. Some people say” only a few people commented on this blog, I”m so sad!”. My goal is eliminate that attitude. To bring back appreciation to blogging. Weather it is one like, one comment, one follower- or it’s thousands. It doesn’t matter. Someone, somewhere took the time to visit your blog. Matters Most is for those people. Those who took precious time to share their love with me. It’s to say I am thankful and giving you a little spotlight of fame in my monthly post. You can read more about Matters Most here

2)I owe you guys a B4 Peace post for March. And April is tomorrow so shortly a prompt will be published  for April and I would have to write an April B4 Peace Post as well.

3)I also have one journal entry to type up( it’s from last week Tuesday and I  plan on doing that today) and publish and it seems Tuesdays is my writing in my journal day because I work mornings so I may have another journal entry for you soon if I write again this coming Tuesday.

4)Not this week coming up ( today is Sunday in my part of the world) but next week I have 3 days off in a row so I plan to tackle the Arts and Crafts project for the Swift Expression Blog challenge I have completed ( it was the only prompt I didn’t do out of all 12)

5) Finally, Swift Expression is thinking of releasing “Lite Writing Prompts” weekly, and if she does I will definitely be engaging in those.

So, that’s my little blogging update and what’s yet to come from my Corner of Confessions! Is there anything you would like me to do? Write about? See more off? See less off? Drop me a line in the comments! I write for myself, but I also would be more than happy to write for my followers as well!

Happy Blogging Everyone!



  1. Kozo says:

    Take your time on the B4Peace post, Tasha. All peace comes in good time. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  2. tfaswift says:

    You certainly have your hands full! We all love you and your blog, so don’t push yourself too hard, darling. *hugs*


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