Hello my dear readers!

If you haven’t yet heard of Matters Most you can read about it here.
In summary, Matters Most is my monthly post to shine a spotlight on a blogger who Matters To Me. As bloggers we all want followers. We want someone to read our words and share our emotions. We want a following and we want interaction on our OWN blog.  In our desire to be read and to be shared we sometimes overlook the people that ARE actually there. The ones who have always been. The faithful few.

My goal is to remove the mindset of people feeling like they only have “a few” visits or comments.  I wish to remove that word, “ a few” or “ only”. Someone , somewhere has taken the time to visit your words and views.  Even if it is just one person, it still matters and holds value.  Atleast , to me it does.  I hope with Matters Most, this ideology will spread to you and others as well.

Together, with Matters Most , we can shine a light on the faithful and the loyal. The ones who are there when we are just starting out.

I can personally do this on my blog, with a Matters Most post.  I urge you to do the same on your blog. If everyone gives back on their own individual blogs hopefully then no blogger is left alone and unacknowledged.

So without further a do this month’s honoree for Matters Most :

Rebecca from Art of Stumbling!


I choose Rebecca because she has been faithfully following my blog. Even my regular ol rambling entries. Even if my blog post aren’t part of the blog challenges we both part take in  she pops over to my blog and reads, likes and comments my post.

SO I picked you Rebecca to tell you I’ve noticed! I appreciate it very much! THANK YOU!

Rebecca’s blog is never dull. She writes freely about her life and she has a sense of humor like no other. I love reading her blogs and even when it’s a sad post or an angry post she has  a way of making you laugh. She is a realist and honest and open to talk about topics and stereotypes that others may not. Also, she is an artist and we get to see her awesome work from time to time. Music, she got that too. Who doesn’t love a lady with a guitar?  Also, she will recant some of her dreams for you and I love her Dream Posts. Sometimes I felt as if I had the dream myself.

So if you will, I encourage you to check out her blog and see how awesome she is for yourself.

Go here:

Now as part of the challenge, my lovely Rebecca…you can challenge me to a blog post. Whatever you want. You can ask me a million questions, and I’ll answer them. You can pick a topic for me to write about and I’ll post a blog about it. You can send me links to someone’s some blog and I will visit them and read a few of their posts and comment. You can challenge me to a project and I shall do it. Anything you wish.  Whatever you throw at me, I will do it.

And I also may randomly reblog some of your posts for this month to give your blog a little extra sugah.

For You Rebecca

Note: This is my first time doing a spotlight monthly post. So it’ll get better over time. I have to make a page for this as well. So that will show up later. So bare with me as I learn and grow in these posts.  Also, a reminder this month’s post ( April) actually reflects last month ( March). So next month ( May) will reflect this month( April). And remember I heart you all. This isn’t to show favoritism. It doesn’t mean i like some bloggers more than others. I love you all and I am thankful for everyone that visits my piece of the blog world.  I just believe in saying THANK YOU and love to find new ways to that to people and bloggers we may overlook or take for granted. It keeps me humbled.

  1. Kozo says:

    Love this idea, Tasha. I once wrote a post called, “Shout out to my 5 followers.” Some of them are still with me to this day. The blogging world is amazing. I agree that even if one person reads or comments that is an extraordinary gift. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


    • Thank you Kozo for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! When i first started blogging I was one of those people saying “no one reads my blog!” but that wasn’t true. People did. But i was looking at the freshly pressed blogs and saw hundreds and hundreds of comments and likes and my hand few of likes and comments didn’t measure up. I’m so happy i learned its quality not quantity because I have now have a wonderful blogging family.


  2. Thank you thank you thank you. So sweet what you wrote 🙂

    Oh my goodness I have to think of something for you to do! Think of something? Me? With my brain… oh dear lol.

    I’ll put my thinking cap on 😉


  3. Okay I’ve thunked. Not sure if this is a rubbish idea. But as a little girl from Cardiff well I’ve always seen programmes about New York, Sex and the City, heard a million stories about it too, from the perspective of people visiting etc.

    Can you do a post about what it is like, the area, you live in, what it’s really like to live there and everyday life there. What are the buildings like, the people, where do you do your food shopping if you like LOL.

    Perhaps might seem really boring to you, but I am very curious about different parts of the world etc, not having been to many myself!

    And is there anywhere else you would rather live?

    🙂 xx

    And I heard the McDonald’s portions are much bigger! Is this true??? lmao.


    • You are too adorable! Lol. I shall write a NYC post. But to be fair, i don’t live in the city, Manhattan which you see on all the movies and TV show. I live in the outer borough Queens ( residential area). So i shall include what Manhattan is like AND what living in the suburbs next to the city that never sleeps is like. Great idea and I look forward to writing it. It will be fun 🙂


  4. Katie Renee says:

    This is going to be a completely random comment but…That dolphin. OMG it’s soo cute OMG


    • LOL. It’s adorable isn’t it! Its so funny I was searching for a “congratulation” gif and i found the dolphin instead. LOL.

      I’m glad you liked it. I’m quirky so only after the fact I was asking myself If other people would think it was weird or creepy lol.


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