Fly Away, Farewell to Swift Expression with our Love

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Swift Expression, Uncategorized
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Yesterday, my dear friend over on Swift Expression announced she is leaving blogging.  Of course, I will be sad to see her go. But, I am so thrilled for her! She is embarking on a new Life journey and pursuing her dream.

I just want to post a special entry for her to bid her fare well from Blogging while she focuses on her studies and courses.

Swift Expression is truly a wonderful person and her Blog was one like no other. Her blogging challenges were amazing, heart felt and gut wrenching. She has inspired us all .

Now it’s our turn to inspire her.

I’m not looking at this parting as a sad thing. Instead I look at this as  a new begining, a new begining for her.  Like a caterpillar shedding its cocoon.

I have no doubt Swift Expression will be the best and most beautiful butteryfly ever in existence. I look forward to her journey and she has my support.

Spread your wings my friend. I look forward to seeing you soar to new heights and horizons! I wish you all the best! In honor of Swift Expression and all of us here that she has personally inspired and motivation, I will be starting a Writing Prompt Series in the weeks to come.  She inspired us. Personally, she kept my blog alive.  Now, it’s our turn. Lets keep the spirit alive. With a new Writing Prompt Series I hope to envoke the same positivity and diversity and general FUN Swift Expression has brought to our lives and blogs. So while she is off line working on becoming even awesome-r then she already is, we can keep the spirit alive here on our blogs until she returns , if and whenever that may be.

So to Swift Expression, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and from the soul of my blog. I have no doubt that you will thrive and when you become a certificated therapist, I’ll be your first patient!

Fly Away.


  1. diannegray says:

    What a beautiful tribute! 😀


    • I know 😦 So weird to log on and not see her posts in my reader. But, she’s not gone completely and I’m ever the optimist so i believe once she finishes becoming the best Therapist ever she will come back to blogging bigger and fiercer than ever.


  2. Gabriela says:

    Ah, So that’s what happened. I came back after many months of absence and saw her blog gone, her facebook too. I hope nothing bad prompted her to leave. ;( I will miss her. She really helped me out with her challenges and will forever have a corner in my heart.


    • No nothing bad prompted her to leave. She simply needed to focus on ” real life” and her career and schooling. I miss her alot! Her challenges helped alot too and her presences on wordpress kept a little group of us bloggers together. When she left i stopped blogging for months! I’m trying to get back into blogging now. It’s so different though without her.


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