( April 2nd 2013) Dear Journal

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Dear Journal
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April 2nd 2013

Dear Journal;

Hey my friend! My eyes burn! They just want to sleep!  My grandfather was in the hospital all week. He had  a pacemaker put in. He is doing much better. He was discharged yesterday afternoon. Happy to have him home. I forgotten how stressful and tiring ( and expensive) hospital runs are. We all have to adjust to his new normal- caring for him, his limitations. He can stand and walk but not much So we have to help him. He can feed himself but we have to prepare everything, bring it to him and clean up afterwards. He can’t shower on his own though or dress.  But otherwise he is well. He can shuffle around from the bed to the couch and to the tv and to the bathroom. He is happy to be home and just one day home and he already looks and feels EVEN more healthier. It’s been alot of work ( and will be) but he is a strong old man. Everyone in the family says he’ll out live us all. I wouldn’t be suprised if he did. In fact my uncle calls him tiger.

My sister came over Thursday to go with me to the hospital. We were all just chit chatting, filling the silence when she says “my tooth fell out awhile ago!” My grandpa was like whattt?! It can’t just FALL out. My sister said ” yeah, it just fell out!”My grandpa in utter shock said ” How that happen, teeth have roots! It can’t just fall out!”

Then i pipe up and said “Cause SHE DRINKS TOO MUCH!”

My grandpa was in hysterics laughing. My sister does have a fondness for the booze.

We were in the hospital for awhile and we helped him with everything, going to the bathroom, bathing him , feeding him. We were getting ready to leave and he was just about spent and was going to doze off when he asked us to lower the feet of the hospital bed. So we lowered the feet of the hospital bed until it was completely flat and it wouldn’t go any lower. He kept saying lower. So we told him it can’t go no lower and he kept saying lower.

A nurse walks in and he tells her LOWER and she smiles and walks over to the other side of the bed. She does a button combination and lo’ and behold the bed transformed into a recliner.  Lol. I knew SOME beds had that option but i didn’t see the panel with additional  button options. Sneaky of them.

I’m so stressed too journal. I still not have figured out this Medicare business that Omar was automatically enrolled in. I don’t even know how to fix it. We have to go down to some office (not sure which one) and speak to a person face to face. With my grandpa sick and my work schedule I have not had the time and honestly I don’t have the mental energy. If its not one thing, its the next. Here’s to hoping for less stress and more things to actually work out the way they are supposed too.

I’ll write later journal, Heading in early in the off chance I can watch this stupid training video for the new systems. I doubt it, they are never there. But i’ll try.




Author’s Note: I’m SO happy i didn’t work on April Fool’s Day. I HATE that day. I think I’ve become to old for pranks. No, i still love pranks but april fools day annoys me! It’s all day, from everyone. It’s completely tiring and exhausting. I posted a status on facebook that said “For the record, I believe NOTHING today. I ignore everyone. Today is April Fools. Trust no one.”

Also, I have yet to see this training video for the new system and they already implemented the new system.  Half the store hasn’t seen the video. The new system SUCKS.

  1. C.K. Hope says:

    Hospitals are exhausting (mentally and financially), I spent most of last year in them with my Grandmother and then my Father. Neither of them had a transforming bed though! I’m glad your Grandpa is home and doing better!


    • Thank you for your visit and comment! Yes, hospitals are exhausting. I care take for my father and my fiancee but they have been more of less on the mend so we’ve been out of hospitals for almost a year. Just regular testing and doctors appointments and that’s a breeze in comparison to chemo appointments and hospitalizations.

      I first saw the transforming bed in intensive care when my dad was there, it was so the bed ridden could eat and sit up without actually getting out of bed and interfering with all the tubes and attachments and to prevent them from getting stiff too ( laying flat for longs periods of time causes ouchies). Usually the button panel is on the outside of the bed frame but this bed had a hidden panel which I’ve never seen before. Technology. Oh gotta love technology!


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