Dear Journal ( March 26th 2013)

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Dear Journal
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Tuesday March  26th 2013

Dear Journal;

My Friend, it is official… I am getting old.  I went out Sunday night and I am still tired. On coffee number 2 before my shift.  Hope its busy, at least that will keep me on my feet.

I had a blast though. Straight after work I meet the bestie and her date.  We went to a Korean restaurant. I could barely read the menu. The bill wasn’t in English LOL.  But the food was yummy! And OMG before we left I went to use their restroom…i inquire where and the lady points to the back. So i walk to the back and see  a sign saying restroom with an arrow point down a set of stairs.  I was like ummm weird but shrugged and said whatever and went down the set of stairs. But, it turned out, it was TWO sets of stairs. The first set were polished and pristine , hardwood-ish to match the rest of the restaurant. The second yet… yeah not so much. They were concrete stairs with the typical flimsy metal hand rail.  Which led to a basement. Concrete walls to complete the look of course.  Insert horror movies  scenes here. I had to  wait too! Someone was in the bathroom and so I had to stand there in a damp looking, cold and drafty concrete hallway staring at a room with a door slightly ajar with a small ray of light pouring out of the room. I shortly realized someone was IN the room.  I heard shuffling of feet from the room and then dull chopping and I was praying whoever was in the room 1) stayed in the room and 2) they were chopping meat – not body parts.  Then i heard whoever was in there phone ring. It was some Blade( vampire hunter movie)  techno sounding music and i laughed to myself. If they are listening to that, I bet I could take em in a fight.

After the bathroom escapades I  took two lesbians next door to a gay bar( gay men only). I had a blast.

It was so much fun. I went over budget but not by much. My friend’s date even paid the go-go dancer to give my friend a lap dance. I was almost on the floor in hysterics because my friend kept screaming “NO! I’m SUPER gay! I don’t want a lap dance from a guy! I’m SUPER gay!”  I almost died of laughter.  After a couple of pelvis thrusts my friend told him “OK you earned your five dollars!” LOL

We left at like 2am . I actually enjoyed the travel home on the train.  Sitting on the stairs waiting for the train . Then once i boarded the train I was writing.

And when I got home I had such a fun time with the hubby. Even got to watch The Walking Dead.

And in present time now, I am laughing because as I am writing, writing about  go-go dancers and debauchery,  two little old religious ladies walked up to me ( the ones that hand out the book let with bible excerpts)  and said ” God Bless you miss! What a smart girl writing!” I smiled and said thank you but inside I was laughing. If only they knew the smut I was writing about. Would they think the same?

In other news, my grandfather had a fall. He didn’t tell anyone right away. In fact he didn’t tell anyone until late Monday. The home attendant came and got me to tell me he didn’t eat breakfast and hasn’t gotten out of bed yet. So she fed him and we stayed with him and he felt better after eating but he said he has no strength. He tried to hold himself to sit up but nothing happens. So we assisted him. But, he kept saying he felt fine , didn’t feel sick or anything just he didn’t have the strength although he said he felt normal as if he could do it but when he tries nothing happens. So we set him up. We set up a walker next to the bed . We put the bed pan next to him and we are watching him closely. He said he didn’t feel like he needed a doctor but we probably going to take him anyway. It could be time is the culprit… he is 92 years old.

I’ll write again soon Journal , gotta finish this coffee before my shift. Tash


Author’s Note: My grandpa’s condition was worrying my family so they took him to the hospital an hour or two after I left for work. Turned out my grandpa’s heart rate was real low and he needed a pacemaker.

  1. Firstly, I hope your grandpa will be ok, secondly I love going on the train, always, just love it, thirdly sounds like a super-fun night I’m sure I would have enjoyed it lol.


    • Thanks love! My grandpa is better, my next journal I just posted is all about him returning home.

      I forgot how much i like the trains. Not during rush hours or anything but when the trains are nice and empty and its late night. It’s peaceful. My job is a bus ride around so I dont get to take the trains much 😦

      I’m sure you would of had a blast with us! 😀


  2. Kozo says:

    Love this. Living vicariously through you, Tasha. I love that you thought you could take the person because of their ringtone. haha. I also love the line, “I’m SUPER Gay.” Sounds like a super hero.
    Hope you grandfather is ok. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    • I’m glad you like the journal entries. I was wondering if they were too “mundane” for posting. Writing in my paper journal is a a stress relief for me, I’m more open and get the everyday stresses out. Even though I end up posting excerpts from my journal on my blog, if i go to write on my blog I censor myself thinking about family that may stumble upon my blog or my job and hold back. SO i always feel so much more unburdened after a journal entry.

      My grandpa is much better, my next journal entry is about his return home ( already posted)actually yesterday we got him out the house for the first time. The weather was finally warm enough and he sat outside for hours and all the neighbors flocked over to him to chat. Lol, when he was in the hospital people we didn’t even know from other blocks came walking to our house asking about him. He is so popular!


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