Ok, so i had the awesome idea to pop a bottle wine in the freezer so i  could kick back and relax tonight. I have been in the “fuck it” mood. Don’t want to do anything. Stress about anything.

Oh, I have loads to do, and lots going on and buckets to stress over.

But, some stuff I cannot put off -anymore.

SO, I want to have my last ” fuck it” day  before i start tackling some of it tomorrow. I work the next 3 days so I do not want nor need anything else to do beside that.

SO, I go about my duties, cook, clean and take of care of house stuff and spend some time with Bianca.

It’s that time of year again. It has begun. Shedding. So I’ve been brushing her for long times a few times a day to help lessen a mouth of stray dog hair.

Anywho, I had almost forgotten i put a bottle in the freezer.  And it was like ten minutes before my mother comes home from work. I”m 24 , so I’m certainly legal. But, no matter my age she will always have something condescending to say about drinking. So, I hurry up and try to open the bottle.

I hate cork screws!

I couldn’t do it.

I run upstairs and thrust the bottle in Omar’s face and say HELP ME. In two seconds he got the cork screw out. Only problem the whole cork didn’t come out. It broke in half. So he reinserts the cork screw and pops the rest of the cork screw out.

But dancing in my wine is a million cork flakes and few big pieces for good measure.

I say no biggie and get a napkin, fold it and put it over the bottle and go to pour.

Not a fucking thing came out!

SO i unfold the napkin and try it with a single layer. Still.. nothing.  So Omar hands me a pipe screen and i poked a million holes in the napkin figuring its enough for liquid to come through and the screen will block the flakes.

It blocked the flakes alright, but it also blocked the liquid. So i removed the napkin and tried the screen alone to make sure. And of course nothing.

I look at the flakes swimming in the bottle and i said FUCK IT.

I put the screen at an angle and poured. It worked. It blocked most of the flakes and the pressure from the screen caused the liquid to go around it but the flakes stayed caught in the screen.

I got my drink,

Determination is the key!

Half a bottle later, I got a case of the chats! I’m chatty! I want to have a conversation. But no one to chat with!

If you are in a chatty mood, feel free to drop me comments 🙂

  1. Katie Renee says:

    LMAO! You’re awesome. Enjoy your bottle, I have to get myself to bed. Hope your list of things to do goes down to the level you don’t have to stress about it… as much. 😉


  2. Horus says:

    I guess you didnt break the bottle neck as in the pic !! pieces of glass beside the cork flakes wud have been a bit too dangerous !


  3. HA I used to have this problem with red wine, I learnt to adapt my taste to the cheaper stuff and stuck with screw top. I was a rebel child and drank from the age of 14/15 so i learnt all sorts of tricks and ways around issues getting into alcohol. I ALWAYS carried a bottle opener and a swiss army knife on me!


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