I’ve been going into work with my shoulders tense. It’s been chaotic. It’s been different since the department manger and one supervisor was repositioned.  Only one of my original supervisors remains and he’s always been on top of his game.

But, he’s been off the past week.

Which is why the last couple of times I’ve worked has been so difficult.

Things have been disorderly.


So today, I seen him and I was excited to work with him today, I rarely do get to work with him as it is. I mean he is ONE dude, he can’t work open to close 7 days a week. So my little part time hours i usually work with the new supervisor or another supervisor covering the floor.

After the big morning meeting my supervisor pulled out the schedules.

We had our assignments. We had our work and we got it done.  He was always walking around checking up on all the quads too an I didnt have to page for help once today. He was always readily right there when a customer needed him.

At one point he came around to discuss breaks, and timed everything so no one was left alone.

It was great. Work went so much smoother and efficient.  And I told him so.

“it’s great to have you back! You’re so organized…and that’s not being sarcastic!”

But, there was a mishap. No one showed up to work the shoe department. So my supervisor came around all angry and saying he’s going to need help, to put someone there. He asked me if I could open the registers there. I said of course.

So I open the register and then they tell me to hold down the fort.

Ummmm wait WHAT!

I was about to throw a fit. The shoe department runs differently. Their stock, they have their own. I have no idea about anything about shoes. It’s not like when they randomly ask you to go to a different clothing department, it’s clothes. So you can just go to the rack and pick a size.

A customer came up to me and  just when I was about to flip out, the dude who usually works there showed up.

I said aloud


The customer found it hilarious.

I’m all for learning new things, but not under the fly like that because then the customers have to wait. I’m going around like a bumbling idiot trying to get things done fast and get what the customer wants. I feel like an caveman  and I feel incompetent. I look like an illiterate  asshole. It’s not cool. Then when I got things figured out on my own I’m SO thrilled and excited.

I just want to show it off like LOOK WHAT I DID. But no one got time for that  😦

But, I was rescued.

As great as being rescued felt, I found something out today. You know the lady I told yall about, the one that talks to her self, violently? Adore her, she works hard and she works good and always helps you out. She has her quirks and I dont judge her for it. She’s different.

But I seen her get out of a car this morning. She was driving. Now, like i said, no judgement. But i couldn’t help but think I will never feel safe to cross the street again.

  1. Katie Renee says:

    LMAO! That gif is fabulous. And your manager is a bit OCD… but it’s required to be a manager. 🙂


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