So, this is my dog Bianca

She was rescued a a little over a year and half ago. Literally ,brought to our door step by a neighbor. He saw my dad ( who was recently ill and recovering from heart surgery) outside everyday and thought he was lonely and had no family so asked him if he wanted the dog. My dad then calls me 730 in the morning and told me to come meet my dog. Thinking he is having a stroke side affect I opened my room door and go to stairs and I see this ball of fluff running up the stairs.

DSCN1701  She isn’t always an easy dog to have.  But she is by far the greatest. I love her so much. She is such a character with the biggest personality ever.


We thought she was Pomeranian.  She was abandoned and mistreated by her original owners and the only paper work  she had was from a breeder in NJ , receipt of purchase , one sole ripped and ragged paper.  Pomeranian was written as the breed.

DSCN1704However, Pomeranian never felt right to us. She is a small dog, but not that small. Her snout is longer than a typical dog of the Pom breed.  We just figured she was mixed and not purebred.

DSCN1700I didn’t care too much because I love her. I love her little furry face. I love her waking me up ( at ungodly early hours) by licking my face and poking me with  her cold wet nose. And when that doesn’t work, she nibbles my nose.

DSCN1699 But the other day, Omar comes running into the room like “OMG i nailed! I nailed Bianca’s breed!”

German Spitz. Cousin to the Pomeranian. I immediately research the breed and its SO Bianca. I think we found her breed.  The characteristics especially.

Bianca doesn’t like to cuddle with me. She doesn’t jump all over me. So, I have to hold her captive. She is my prisoner, my hostage.

DSCN1707 She loves to cuddle with Omar. She jumps all over him. She has no obedience with me.  I call her and she barely even looks at me. Omar looks at her and she goes running. No matter how many times i try to train her, teach her, she just doesnt see me as Alpha. Only Omar has respect from her, he is like the freaking Dog Whisper. He loves her to pieces, but sometimes he gets annoyed with all the kisses and being jumped all over.

I am jealous of all the licks and cuddles he gets.  Sometimes she’ll look me dead in the eye like” yeah , I’m with daddy AND WHAT”DSCN1706 She loves me, i know this. But im a sentimental person and I love to cuddle. So, that’s when I hold her prisoner. Sometimes she’ll immediately lick my face a couple of times, taking pitty on me.  Either way, this is my dog, Bianca. I love her and treat her better than I treat myself. I would spend my last dollar on her and I feed her before I feed myself. So even though she can be a diva, she is MY diva.

Me trying to get Bianca to take a picture with me.

Me trying to get Bianca to take a picture with me.


She is just not having it, wont take a picture. LOL

  1. goldfish says:

    Dawww. How could you not love that face?


  2. Mona says:

    she looks like an American eskimo in the pics. How cute!


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