And Then I looked Up

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To set up the scene , here is a picture of the garage.

Shanty and old-looking and poorly painted by my mother who splashes paint around. Don’t mind all the leaves and branches, this was a picture taken after Sandy. There is actually half a tree that fell down on the side of the garage but I was just taking all sorts of pictures for the insurance.   Anyways, It’s a regular one car garage but chock full of… stuff.. so no car can actually fit in there. Tools and machines and storage. It’s a typical …old… garage.  Things accumulated over the last 20 years.  I didn’t have a picture of the garage open, and I’m far too lazy to take the five minutes to walk down the stairs and snap a picture so instead I’ll spend this five minutes typing about it instead 😉

As you can see there is an attic portion too. We have two ways to access the attic. All the way in the back of the garage a wooden ladder that is attached to the wall leads up through a cut out access hole.  Also, some space before the hole is a a typical drop down wood stairs. It looks similar to the following picture, just picture older and less craftsmanship and think more backwoods macgyver.

So picture walking straight in the garage and the back wall under the access hole is just bins, storage bins which stop just before the drop down stairs so we can still take the stairs down and go up into the attic if needed. In the far right corner is a big freezer.

Omar and I do our own food shopping.  But, we hide our food.  People in my house hold are inconsiderate. They don’t want to share what they bought but if you buy something they’ll be more than happy to take it all. Since Omar and I are on strict financial terms, it’s a problem when you spend the little money you have on groceries and for other people to use it all. Sharing we don’t mind. But to use it all? Yeah that’s a problem when you don’t have money to go replace it.  So Omar keeps a box full of stuff in the room all the non-perishables . His spam, cans of chef boyarade,mac and cheese,  his bags of rice( the one you boil for 8 mins and its done )…those sorts of things. All the meat products and frozen goods we stash in the big freezer in the garage. We leave it wrapped in the plastic bags from the supermarket and put it all the way in the back of the freezer separated from my parents stuff.  Because my mother is lazy , she never walks to the garage to go into the freezer and bring stuff up. In fact, she’ll send me to do that stuff. So, I know it’s safe there and no one will touch it especially since I’m the main one to go down there.

I sent the hubby to go bring up something to cook last week. He was taking awhile but it was morning and pre- coffee so i said eh, I’m not going to check on him yet.

He finally comes back inside and told me he saw a kitty cat!  He said he was in the freezer digging around and then he just felt like he should look up and so he did. Staring back at him was a cat poking its head out from the access hole.

Being the Animal Whisper  that he is, he stopped looking through the freezer and started coaxing the cat down. It was vertically climbing down the ladder.

Then it tumbled down the ladder.

So the hubby was trying to move boxes and look behind everything to find it. Since it was a young stray he figured the cat was scared and wouldn’t come out until he was gone so he left a space for the cat to run out through the bins and we left the garage open for a while so it could run out if it needed too.

The next day, I go into the garage full on crazy cat lady style doing my best cat calls and climbing over the storage bins to see if the cat was still there.

I would have brought cat food but we have a raccoon problem and I didn’t want to attract any of those.

I can’t recall if i shared all the raccoon shenanigans on my blog so I’ll write a separate post on that  sometime in the future. But, we had raccoons in the garage attic before. After Sandy, we had the garage roof repaired and so animals that had been living up there were evicted.

Raccoons are the only animal I do not like. True, I have grown softer towards them having encountered a mother raccoon desperately trying to take care of her five babies.  But, still raccoons and I don’t have a good relationship.

This is how you all view raccoons.

And this is how i see them

raccoon, evil, scary


So it occurred to me ,while I was directly under the access hole, that if a cat got inside the garage than maybe something else did too.

Maybe a raccoon got inside as well.

And Then I looked up….

As I’m in the process of looking up i hear a thud and start screaming. Okay cursing is more like it. I said “SHITTTTTTT” to be precise and ducked and covered my head all the while hopping over the bins and running away.

I thought a raccoon was going to drop on my head.

What really happened. My dad decided at that moment to pull down the drop stairs.


What the hell dude. I told him ” What the hell dad! I thought an animal was going to fall on my head! No sudden movements!”

I’m not going to lie. I was pretty fricking scared.  The only animal I do no like ( raccoon) and I have an abundant encounters with them. I’m glad this wasn’t one of them.

  1. goldfish says:

    No, I view raccoons your way too. Spitting rabies factories with claws who will eat anything.


    • Lol! I’m so glad i’m not the only one. I once saw a raccoon go into the “raccoon proof” garage pail and take out a brown paper bag from a fast food place, unwrap what was left of a burger and sit there and eat it as if he just went and bought it.


  2. Katie Renee says:

    Sneaky bastards. They are everywhere down here! I feel bad when they get hit by cars, but… you know. Possoms are worse, but still. Both smell and hiss and have claws. Eww.


  3. Chris's Mom says:

    Oh, my goodness! I decided to come peek over here and what do I see? A picture of one of my biggest nightmares — a raccoon! I think you and I have formed an immediate bond. I had a run-in with a nasty raccoon last year — he not only dug up (and destroyed) every plant I put in the ground, but he gnashed those horrible teeth at me and flailed those claws at me like he was going for my juggler. Traps work, though, and I got to say bye-bye to him! Ahhh…joyful time!

    Now I’m seeking help to remove the biggest groundhog that’s ever been known to mankind. He has tunneled a hole the size of the state of Michigan and every morning comes up, peeks out, and suns while I run for help. That monster is going! I don’t know how yet, but he and I will not be co-habitating forever!

    As for the bat in the basement…..another time another story.


    • Thank you for coming over to peek on my blog, you are always welcomed! Sorry the raccoon was frightening. I actually was coming home late last night, went to have a drink with a friend after work ( retail). My fiancee wanted to walk up the back stairs instead of using the front door because it makes less noise and we didn’t want my dog barking at 3am waking up the whole house. I was terrified though because the back deck is where the raccoons wander around and the trees that over hang the house are their playground. I told him “I love you BUT if i see a raccoon I’m pushing you towards them as bait and running inside leaving you behind” Lol.


      • Clara Hinton says:

        🙂 I totally get it. PS Be thankful you don’t have an entire family living under your porch. I was able to load them up in the back of my station wagon (back in the day — and I do believe Chris helped with this chore) and we dropped them off in a wooded area about 10 miles from my home never to be seen again. Unless……this giant one is one of the siblings and is now getting back at me for kicking them out.

        Keep your eyes open…they navigate quite well at night!


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