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Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Last week Friday, I was working closing ( retail store for any new readers stopping in). We had a coupon and sales for Mother’s day. The store was swamped.

The thing is, I work in Men’s Department. Not to sound vain, but everyone in my department is pretty awesome. Sure, alot of people disappear and shove off work. But, when it comes to closing everyone work’s their ass off to get the store presentable for opening the next day. We work as a department as a whole so if those working in an assigned section is done, we migrate on to other parts to help out.  We even help out lingerie and plus size which isn’t even our department but it is on the same floor.  Men’s is always the first department to be done.

Over the past few months I’ve been sent up ( with others) to help other departments during closing. It annoys me mostly because they don’t function as a department whole.  Like the 3rd floor is kids department and home department. The two operate as individuals and don’t give a shit about each other. When I’m sent up to kids to help out, I don’t see one person from home helping out. The same goes for the whole second floor …the women’s department. It is actually broken up into a bunch of departments, juniors, handbags, shoes jewelry etc etc. When I get sent there to help  out, i notice the same thing. People stay in their little zones and that’s that.

I don’t mind being a “team player’ and helping out but it’s that hypocrisy and poor work ethic  that irks me.

My department functions as a whole team. Our department gets tossed up all day long and is a mess too and we do our JOB and tend to things throughout the day and pace the work load so everyone had their jobs and all the tasks get done by the end of the day. Because we do our job the way we are supposed to, why do we have to pick up the slack when those in those department aren’t even there? Plus, when the Men’s Department has events and special sale days like Father’s Day, the vet workers told me no one comes to help  us. They never send help to our department.

It’s frustrating and annoying but hey I’ll take the hours. When you get written up one to many times, I’ll take your hours too. It’s work. It’s not meant to be easy. I love my department and bosses and co-workers.

So last friday, with the coupons and Mother’s Day coming up women’s floor was ravaged. My manager strolls over to me and everyone working in that section that day and asks
“who wants to go help clean up women shoes”. He already sent various other people to different parts of the store and I’m smiling at  my manager but not volunteering. In fact, no one steps forward to volunteer.

He rolls his eyes and says ” don’t everyone speak up at once now”

So one co-worker volunteers. Then my manager sent basically everyone but one person who stood behind to close all the registers alone. So as a team we tromp our way to Women’s Shoes.

We are laughing and chit chatting and just strolling along. As we approach the Shoe Department we kind of fell silent and stopped in our tracks.
Shoes were everywhere. Displays were bare. Racks were tossed up and piles of shoes were literally both in big pile up mounds in various locations AND scattered about on the floor. You could not see the floor.  This is not an exaggeration.  I couldn’t find an adequate picture but i did find this one on google, Picture all those shoes in the closet on the floor

So and hour later . We got all the shoes picked up off the floor. But they were in no way paired. We separated by brand and then some piles went to the stock room and whatever was left we put back on the displays and racks in no particular order just by brand.

It was extremely overwhelming. Those from my department were kind of  out of our element and in shock. There was only two guy workers in women shoes.  They said ladies come in and request  6 pair of shoes in 3 different sizes and the kids run around and knock things over. I worked Black Friday. I worked some busy days before. I have never in my life seen such a mess before.

It was traumatizing.

It was a whole different level of savagery.

What the hell you women shoppers?!


  1. Sharp says:

    the nightmare of every man…


    • Lol! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I have to say though, i work in men’s department and i see ALOT of miserable wives being dragged around for hours while the husbands shop. Who would of guessed the gender roles are switched lol.


  2. Hahaha women and shoes. Oh man. I had to go shoe shopping for shoes the for work the other day (black comfy flats) and the sales woman was like “Buy a second pair for summer get £10 off, and combine with these lovely open toes blah blah” Nooooooo I just want one pair. Get away from me you vultures!! lol

    Apart from anything open toes are a no-no in a DENTAL SURGERY unless you want your toes sliced off by a scalpel which is possible………

    Anyway, obviously I’ve only just started but same thing goes, there are 3 surgeries, if one is running late, the first one done helps out, puts bins out, finishes off for them makes sense because you all get home quicker. Some people have no common sense.


    • Lol! I hate that part of my job, trying to get the customer to buy more. I rarely do it. I just mention clearance items and stuff on sale and that usually gets the attention of them but I dont push too hard to make people spend money they dont have.


  3. Katie Renee says:

    Bitches be crazy.

    But seriously, customers do insane things like this. I can’t even imagine… when I worked retail we’d find old chicken bones crammed behind all manner of objects in the store when trash cans were like, right there. It’s just super confusing. People don’t care, I mean would you walk into someone’s house and trash it? Nooo… so why can you want anywhere else and trash it? And then let your mongrels run amuck? I swear… parents.



    • !!! I find garbage around the place all the time! Luckily though we have a cleaning company working for our store so we aren’t technically required to pick up or clean up messes …only if it’s in the immediate area of something the mess can be damaging to merchandise or dangerous. The worst for me was when I was a newbie, only one week in working retail and it was Black Friday. I would literally turn around to greet a customer and turn back around and a pile of trash was on top of the clothes and tables. I was like WTH. And the garbage can was literally RIGHT next to the table.


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