So, i was literally dragging my feet throughout my shift today because my feet hurt so much! I was happy and excited this is my last day of work and then finally i’m off tomorrow(Monday). I was planning of not leaving bed at all and reading all day.

My supervisor walks up to me and asks me

“Are you working tomorrow”
“No.” And i’m already in inner turmoil because I want the hours but I was super tired.
“Do you want too?” he asks me.
I was thinking i don’t WANT too but i need the hours/money so i asked “what time?”
“7” was his answer.

My lovely response

“In the morning?!!”

Okay we are a retail store and we open at 10am everyday. I already think that is far too early and only during the Christmas season do we open earlier than 10am.

My supervisor laughed at my response and asked me if i wanted too.
I told him ” I’m working closing tonight”
He responded “What does that got to do with working tomorrow?”

I asked him if he needed people later I’ll work but he didn’t. Oh well. I later inquired why the store was opening so early and he said the store isn’t opening early but they are restocking and redoing some layout for a door-busters sale tomorrow.  Well they will have to door bust without me.

I hate to turn down hours. I only turned down hours once before, last week. I was put on for an extra day last week Monday because we were having inspections and visits from corporate and we needed to basically refold, restock everything in the store. So i was working closing wed-monday. I was ready for a day off. They asked me if I wanted to work that following day, Tuesday. I said No thank you!  But honestly, they asked me at 11pm when I was dead on my feet and ready to go home and sleep. If they would of asked me in the beginning of my shift when I was still fresh and coffee driven I would of said yes. Because I wouldn’t have had time to think about no the sleep and waking up early to come right back there. That’s the downside to retail. While it can be fun and engaging and entertaining, the schedule sucks. When they ask you late at night when the only thing you are thinking of is your bed, its hard to remember you need the money.

UPDATE: I slept till 11 today and i would of still been sleeping if I didn’t have to pee. I was in bed and drinking coffee when my cell phone rings. It was a number not in my phone book but it looked familiar. I ignored it, still too tired to deal with it. Then the house phone rings. My dad answers and starts calling for me. I reluctantly get out of bed and answer the phone. It’s my supervisor. His opening line…” I figured you got your sleep today, how about working tomorrow 7-3?” Slick bastard. Earlier rising for me.

  1. I hated working on alternating shifts too.

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