I got some explaining to do…

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Okay Okay, I know my last couple of posts have been promises (UN-kept promises) to post and post regularly and get caught up on Bloggers For Peace and Matters Most posts. I know I have some explaining to do. I wont give you poor excuses.

I have been swamped this month with the first two weeks of June and the father’s day rush..that’s not a lie. Work has been crazy. Then on my days off I’ll be off cooking and cleaning and catching up on errands and reading books. I re-read the True Blood Books and finally read the finale of the series.

Then  i got sick. I was terribly ill all week. I literally slept for 20 hours straight waking up only twice to visit the restroom and take more medication I had to call out of work sick I had a fever that wouldn’t break. I just was able to get a doctors appointment yesterday so i started my prescription medication and hopefully I will be better in a week. Honestly, i blame the flu shot. Since i got that shot in October i have been sick about once every 6 weeks since then with some hybrid version of the flu and I have been the sickest I have ever been this year. I usually can power through the worst of sickness, being sick so often I’m used to the battered feeling. But this time? I was completely taken out. I couldn’t power through. And I have been sleeping and sleeping and taking tons of medicine. I can’t wait to be able to breath again and not cough.

Speaking of work. Something happened to me yesterday and I think I may have blown my chances.

One of the HR team managers came up to me while I was working on the floor and asked me “Where do i see myself going with the company and If I am in school right now” I carefully but readily replied I am not in school right now but I do want to go back to school which is why I’m interested in being bumped to full time so I can afford a payment plan to go back”
He then asked me “what about an Ambassador?” Ambassadors are kind of a step up from a regular associate  but a step down from a supervisor position. In my head I was like whoaaaaa. But i responded honestly and told him I’m really fond of my department ( it’s the best department in the store efficiently speaking). He then asked me why I can’t be an Ambassador for mens( it’s unusual but typically Ambassadors aren’t based in one department) . So i responded honestly, I’m still new and I have  alot yet to learn and if he think I would be prepared  for the job. He said we need new blood and they would like my personality on the floor. I told him I am a really efficient and good worker and I just want to be sure I’m properly trained and prepared for a new position. He said they would prepare us and we’ll touch base about this later on.

I don’t know if i blew the chance for a promotion or not. I was just being honest. I’m an above average worker now and all my co-workers and managers adore me and I have good job security and whenever they can throw me a bone with extra hours they do me the favor. I don’t want to go from an above and beyond worker to an half assed Ambassador and risk the job security.

So, I’m thrilled I was sought out, acknowledged. That;s always a good feeling to be commended for hard work.  But who knows If I’ll actually get a promotion. We shall see.

  1. No you’ve definitely not blown it! He’ll want you even more now. Shows you’re mature and responsibly thinking about what’s best for the store and not just yourself 🙂 PS hope you are feeling better!


  2. Katie Renee says:

    You’ll get it, I’m sure. Honesty is even more rare and it’s something that employers prize above all other things. The fact that you told him the truth and want to go back to school and climb the ladder speaks volumes about you as a person. Congrats ma’am, I think you just got yourself a promotion. 🙂


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