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I have a stray cat. Gender is undetermined but I think it is a girl and we named it Cinnamon.  She doesn’t let you near her and doesn’t run up to you or anything. She barely meows, only occasional I rouse a  response out of her. Mostly, she comes up our back porch and sits by the door waiting to be fed. She sometimes lays under the table we have out there in the shade and takes a nap. We tried setting up “houses” for her. We tried putting the food in the house but she is too feral. She doesn’t want to be cornered. In the winter time especially we tried to put blankets and stuff inside a makeshift shelter but she she barely twitched  a tail. She would occasionally sleep on our front porch in a chair that has a cushion, especially when it snowed. She never even tries to come inside the house, even with us coaxing her.

We always put out cat food for her, but we also try to put out water for her. She never even looks at the water.

Sometimes when I’m walking home late from work I would see her slinking through houses walking parallel to the sidewalk. I try talking to her while I’m walking. She would look at me but otherwise pay me no attention. Meanwhile other PEOPLE on the street start crossing the street cause I’m seemingly talking to myself.

I love animals. Strays always pull at my heartstrings. I used to feel bad feeding strays because I didn’t want them to loose their feral ways and no longer be able to fed for themselves.

But Cinnamon is strictly a flight cat. She has no fight in her. She runs fast as lighting. She would lay around our driveway and just look at us and so tentatively i started to feed her. I noticed other cats were bullying her and that’s when we started to feed her daily. She even had a cat that would sneak up behind her when she was eating and she would run away and the other cat would eat all her food. I felt so bad for her and I figured since the cat was such a bully he could find food somewhere else and so i started to chase the cat away and Cinnamon could finally eat in peace.

So, I’m used to seeing loads of street cats around. My neighbor  Fifi used to feed a bunch of street cats. Even when she was taken away to a nursing home , the whole two years cats still lingered by her house faithfully. The day she died it was like the cats knew and I no longer seen an abundance of cats by her house.

So I was walking home from work yesterday and it was around 7pm. I see a little doggie running behind a guy. I assumed it was his dog, alot of people walk their dog without leashes. As I’m walking by it runs up to me and starts jumping on my legs and wagging its tail. I noticed the guy kept walking so I called for him to call his dog. He said it wasn’t his dog.

I have not seen a stray dog in my neighborhood before.

So, i started walking up and down blocks asking everyone if they know who’s dog it was. The dog was merrily following me around. I wanted to cry! The dog looked taken care of it, it was fed ( it didn’t have bones showing) and it was recently groomed. It had no collar on and it looked like it was bit on the neck.

So i was standing on the corner thinking ( i didn’t want to take home a dog that was someone’s else’ and my Bianca is aggressive with other dogs but I just couldn’t leave this little puppy on the street). I said fuck it I can’t leave this puppy on the street and I don’t care if my mother kills me for bringing home a stray dog.

Then a lady walks up and he runs to her. I blurted the whole story how this dog was just wandering around. We started inspecting the doggie and when you put your hands out to him he would run and lick your fingers… he was hungry and thirsty. She asked me if I wanted her to take him, he needs to go to a vet. I said sure.

Part of my mind is happy the dog is not on the street but I have no idea who the lady is or where to find her and I have no idea what happened to the dog. She was just as broken up as I was though . So I’m trusting the doggie is being taken care of. As petty as it sounds I’ve been trying to save up for Bianca’s vet bill ( with no success) and I wouldn’t have been able to afford to take the dog to the vet so that was part of my reason of agreeing to let her take the dog. I hope this lady was able to afford to do so.

But I just can’t stop thinking about my little Stray.

Wherever you are little guy, I hope you are well. If you are not… come back to the corner. I’ll have a nice treat waiting for you.

  1. Miss Lou says:

    I’m also a lover of animals, and often struggle with not providing ALL of the stray ones homes.. lol We have a Black Lab at the moment – Her name is HALO and she is a eye seeing dog for my bestie Justin.

    Great post, gorgeous pictures!

    Thanks for sharing, Miss Lou


  2. dan4kent says:

    Benedictory blessing well made. Bless all the beasts and the children inside each of us tonight. You done good. Your heart is well. Dan


  3. ptero9 says:

    Love this! We have five indoor cats who are spoiled rotten, but there is the occasional stray, and one in particular that we call out door kitty. She is so sweet and just loves our yard for some reason. I can’t imagine life without the animals who seem to choose us as companions.


    • Awe! I can’t imagine life without my furry babies either. I would love to work with animals but my dog is a rescue dog and she is extremely jealous of her people with other animals. I would hate for her to hate me everyday for coming home smelling like other animals I tried to socialize her with other neighborhood dogs but she just is stubborn like the diva she is . Animals, such characters. lol.


  4. Katie Renee says:

    I’m sure the stray is in good hands. People don’t commit to taking in a stray, lost animal unless they can do right by it. Maybe when she took the dog to the vet they found out the dog was chipped. That is getting more and more common these days. 🙂


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