Cray Cray

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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First off, my blogging friends I have been living in the stone age. My PC stopped working and then my laptop stopped working. I don’t have a smart phone. So the hubby and I have been left with out the interwebs to entertain us. I got some serious reading done. But, it was sudden and I didn’t get a chance to leave word here on my blog about my absence.

I just got my laptop back today. Thank God for a warranty!

Same ol’ sale ol’ with me. Work. Seems like I’m working more than I am, hardly have “free time” yet i barely clock in 25 hours on my check. That’s retail for ya. Jacked up schedules that make work seem like an endless time loop.

My job had a pep rally.

At 730 in the morning.

I can’t lie. It was fun. Live DJ and dance offs. Lots of screaming and chanting. It was tons of fun. BUT i was scheduled to work 2 to closing. I consumed so much coffee that day.

And it’s back to school sales.

We had a once in a lifetime sale with extended business hours. Security damn near locked us inside the mall.

I hate to keep throwing the work excuse at you, for my lack of blogging. It’s lame, I know.

I’m sowwie and just asking for you all to bare with me a bit longer.

Everything is just crazy right now. I’ll leave you with a little story.


My hubby is so opposed to pop culture and it’s slang. We all know the phrase “cray cray”  right? Well, i know the hubby’s aversion to such phrases so i try not to use them around him to avoid the death glares and you know I’m considerate and all that. But. it was around father’s day and we were super busy and I text him covertly and quickly while working to let him know I’ll be late and said ” It’s cray cray babe, i’ll be late today”.

He texted me spelling out the words…”what. the. fuck. did you just say”.   LOL. I explained what the phrase meant and he was just so applauded he was like i can’t believe you just used that phrase. I snickered and went back to work and completely forgot about the exchange.

Until last night.  I was watching Degrassi. Yeah yeah if you know the show and don’t like it, don’t judge. Alot of shows you watch and music you listen to are former Degrassi stars coughjimmyisdrakecough  .


Well the hubby happened to walk back into the room at the end of an episode at the exact moment one of the characters that was the ultimate hipster said “cray cray” and the hubby just dropped his arms to his side and oh my god what the fuck really?!! and looked at me with such disappointment. I laughed so much for so long.

Life. Work. Responsibilities. Bills. Drama. Trying to get ahead. It’s cray cray folks. A hell of a ride this life is. But we have to remember to not take things seriously and remember to laugh.

  1. bookofmohs says:

    That’s funny, I also have an aversion to new slang. His response was hilarious 🙂


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