Matters Most ( May-August)

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Matters Most
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I’m going to cheat a little bit. But it is in the name of fairness.

Matter’s Most is the Trend I decided to start as per contest rules( The Swift Expression Challenge final completion task was to start a trend on your own blog). SO, I started Matter’s Most to shine a spotlight on one follower who has been especially invested into my blog.

I did my first Matters Most post and then i hit the blogging slump and haven’t been blogging much.

So to be fair since i haven’t posted much  and therefore cannot ask of my follows to participate when I’m not producing work for them to fuss over, I’m going to pick one person ( for factual reasons) to represent the May, June, July and August. Hopefully, i stick to blogging and next month we have a better flow of interaction going with me commenting and reading your blogs and you all finding your way back onto mine.

Sounds fair?


So my nominee for Matters Most is

Katie from Discovering Different !

My love, i picked u because you have the patience of a saint when it comes to  my blog. You understand and never pester about my absence and when I randomly post a lame excuse for my absence you are ever gracious. Thank you for your persistent support and understanding! You rock!

Now you get to boss me around. Pick a topic for me to post about. Or whatever it is you want me to post. It could be anything. Q&A. Review something. Review a blog. Read a blog.  Anything at all. I shall do it.




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