Something is living in my attic.

From the scurrying that kept me awake in the middle of night i now think two things. One, the animal up there is on a nocturnal schedule. From the distant sound of walking on four paws with scrapping nails i no longer think it’s a tiny fuzzy mouse.

I think there’s a raccoon in my attic.

Insert heart attacks and panic here.

I was up all night with images of something similar to this, without the fence as protection.

I just kept envisioning a raccoon breaking through my ceiling and trying to kill me in my sleep.

When i was finally able to sleep I kept waking up scared to find a raccoon on my pillow instead of Bianca

Raccoon, raccoon invade, raccoon attack


Say it with me folks. Terrified.

I’ve come to soften up to raccoons after last winter’s escapades with the raccoon family living in the space between the gutters and the siding of my house. Five baby raccoons and one big protective mother.Unknowing they were there we had a roofer company come out to the house to do repairs for minor closes and patches and wind damage. The roofers did their job early in the morning and packed up and left. That night we hear this great big banging. Apparently the roofers unknowing sealed the raccoons inside the house. We watched speechless as the mother raccoon banged her way out of aluminum siding,literally punched her way out. We figured okay she’s out and the roofing company sped over and closed up the hole again before she reentered. We thought that was the end.

But nooo that night the raccoon slept right on the back deck by our kitchen door under the hole now closed up. All day she stayed by our house. In daylight. She would stand on her back legs and open her front paws wide and just look at me. She even walked up to my dad in the front of the house and screeched so loud and then returned to her spot on our back deck. We called the company back to set a trap ( they deal with animal removing too) She ignored all the food and traps and just slept on the deck. When it was daylight of day two she retreated to shade but never slept and never left. Then that afternoon we heard it. Crying. WE called the company back yet again and they reopened the hole. Turns out there were five babies in there.

Yeah, I love animals and it completely warmed my heart. Five babies this momma raccoon was desperate to get back too and protect and she didn’t even turn aggressive towards us. She was just trying to plead with us. The company would normally take the babies away,dump them in a woods far away but being so young and the mother being un-trappable. It would of been a death sentence for them .So i felt bad.

Even I have to a admit. They’re cute! Little balls of fur.

The hard working roofer guys placed all five babies in our driveway and the raccoon mother scrambled around trying to put herself over each of them at the same time all the while panicking trying to carry each one at the same time. But she now was homeless.

So, she settled for our neighbors abandoned garage. There was hole in the roof and she grabbed one baby at a time and its no easy feet getting onto that garage. It’s more a less an obstacle course with two fences shes has to scale. She did this for all her five babies.

So. They were out of our house and they lived there for the rest of the winter. I rarely saw them and i knew the males in that group would venture away(its a raccoon animal instinct thing to prevent inbreeding). Summer came and i rarely even saw them ( or other raccoons). There is one that still lives there and i would see it from time to time but it stays way clear of our house and our neighbors aren’t complaining of raccoons this summer.

So i thought throughout my years of being tormented by raccoons we have finally come to a peaceful co-existent relationship.

That is, until i heard the scurrying above my head last night.

Oh hell no people. This cant be happening. This wont be happening.

I’m fine with them if they stay clear of me.

Irony of it all? Raccoons are territorial. Since there was a raccoon family already living in roof before, it’s a deterrent for other raccoons and they would never nest or make a home there. So. It seems to reason this new raccoon in my attic is one of the babies i saved last year.

And they say you never get punished for doing a good dead. Now I wont be able to sleep because all i picture is this:

  1. bobby says:

    Aww… love that story of the worried mama… you had another raccoon issue years ago right?


  2. sethsnap says:

    Awesome story… 🙂 Raccoons scare me because of their razor looking teeth. But they are dangerous to have in your attic. They can chew through electrical wires and cause a fire. Hope you get it solved.


  3. Horus says:

    Imagine yourself sitting bang in the middle of the last pic! 😉


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